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Lisa Kessler
“Her knees wobbled, but Mason’s strong arms kept her upright. She tangled her fingers in the back of his hair, and suddenly, her brain engaged.

She pulled back, breathless. “I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking.”

Mason loosened his grip on her, shaking his head. “I will never be sorry you stopped thinkin’, darlin’.”

His crooked smile almost lured her to kiss him again. So much for imagining he kissed like a wet vacuum. It was the opposite, in fact. Now she realized she’d never really been kissed until tonight.”
Lisa Kessler, Devoted to Destiny

Lisa Kessler
“I can’t control the rest of the world, but give me a stack of wood and some tools, and I can shelter you in storm.”
Lisa Kessler, Devoted to Destiny

Lisa Kessler
“You’re awfully quiet.”

Her head snapped the other way, heat creeping up into her cheeks as she focused on the ocean below. “Just waiting for all of this to sink in.”

“Oh.” He chuckled. “I was hoping you were staring at me because you liked what you saw.”

Clio grinned, shaking her head. “I thought you were concentrating on the road.”

He pulled into a cobblestone driveway. The truck vibrated as they rumbled over the uneven surface. When he stopped in front of a cottage, he turned off the engine and met her eyes. “I have a hard time concentrating on anything but you when you’re around.”

Her heart pounded. “No one’s ever had that problem around me before.”

“I call bullshit.” He rolled his eyes. “I’ve been wishing you’d notice me since the day we met.”
Her jaw dropped. “I always notice you. Why do you think I’m at the theater site so often?”

He reached over to run a finger along her jawline. “You’re beautiful, Clio. But you’re so busy with your books and reading about the past, you must not notice the effect you have on everyone in the present.”
Lisa Kessler, Devoted to Destiny

Lisa Kessler
“She reached up to caress his cheek, breathing him in. “I don’t want to disappoint you.”

He shook his head, pressing a kiss to her palm. “Impossible.” He carefully removed her glasses and then folded them and set them on the nightstand. “You know that even if we fumble through this, fall off the bed, and pull a muscle, it won’t matter. I’ll still want you as much as I do right now. Probably even more because I’ll want to be sure we try again until we get it right.”

Her heart fluttered as she tried to process the acceptance he offered. “Why?”

His gaze held hers. “Because from the moment I met you, I felt whole. And with every second I spent with you on the jobsite and at rehab for your ankle after the fire, the more I was yours.”

Her lips parted, but she couldn’t find words.

His voice dropped to a whisper. “Until the other night, I didn’t think you even noticed me.”

“You could have anyone. I just figured…”

“You’re the only one.” He shook his head slowly. “I would die for you, Clio. And it has nothing to do with my birthmark and everything to do with you. Your laughter heals the darkness in me, and your wisdom guides everyone around you.”
Lisa Kessler, Devoted to Destiny

Lisa Kessler
“Mason leaned in, his breath hot on her ear. “If the sun doesn’t set soon, I’m going to have to kiss you anyway.”

Her lips curved into a smile as she turned to him. “There will be other sunsets.”

“I like the way you think,” he whispered, his eyes searching hers.”
Lisa Kessler, Devoted to Destiny

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