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What Waits in the...
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by Kieran Scott (Goodreads Author)
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What Waits in the Woods by Kieran Scott
What Waits in the Woods
by Kieran Scott (Goodreads Author)
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Escape from the Isle of the Lost by Melissa de la Cruz
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Reality Check by Peter Abrahams
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Mountain Man by Jules Barnard
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Reality Check by Peter Abrahams
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We Were Liars by E. Lockhart
We Were Liars
by E. Lockhart (Goodreads Author)
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Temptation by Ivy Smoak
Temptation (The Hunted, #1)
by Ivy Smoak (Goodreads Author)
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Under The Same Sky by Tamsyn Bester
Under The Same Sky
by Tamsyn Bester (Goodreads Author)
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Rick Riordan
“For a moment, Percy actually remembered what it was like to be happy. He had an amazing girlfriend. They could have a future together.”
Rick Riordan, The House of Hades

Cambria Hebert
“I took her face in my hands and tilted it up so I could stare into her eyes. "Listen to me. My reacting to someone putting their hands on you is not me being dramatic; it's me loving you."
"Oh, Romeo," she sighed my name and my cock hardened.
I pulled her into my chest and wrapped my arms around her. "Being an asshole is just part of my charm, baby," I said matter-of-fact, unable to keep the smile out of my voice. "This is just me loving you."
"You love real good," she mumbled against my chest, pushing a little closer.”
Cambria Hebert, #Hater

Cambria Hebert
“I pressed forward, pushing my body along hers, and wrapped my arms around her waist. Some of the intensity of my anger dissipated and drained away. After a very long, steamy kiss, I broke away, breathing hard.
Rimmel's head collapsed against the wall and she stared up at me with unfocused hazel eyes. The flecks of color in the center were green today. "Romeo," she gasped.
I pulled back enough so I could lift her arm and grasp her fingers. She made a sound of protest when I pushed back the material of the shirt once more and stared down at the dark blotches marring her skin.
"How were you going to explain this to me?" I rumbled.
"I wasn't going to lie, it that's what you're implying," she snapped.
"Ah, baby." I groaned and lifted her wrist to press my lips to the marks. "I'm being a jerk."
"You said it…" She agreed, letting the rest of her sentence fall away.
I smiled against her skin and then kissed her inner wrist once more.”
Cambria Hebert, #Hater

Cambria Hebert
“The crowd started going crazy. Like even crazier than when Romeo got up from the hit. I was clinging to the railing, wondering if I would like prison, when Ivy sighed. "I swear. You have all the luck."
Confused, I glanced around. Romeo was jogging toward us, helmet in his hands. Quickly, I glanced at the big screen and it was showing a wide shot of me clinging onto the rails and him running toward us.
When he arrived, he slapped the guard on his back and said something in his ear. The guard looked at me and grinned and then walked away.
Romeo stepped up to where I was. At the height I was at one the railing, for once I was taller than him.
"You're killing me, Smalls," he said. "I had to interrupt a championship game to keep you from going to the slammer."
"I was worried. You didn't get up."
"And so you were just going to march out on the field and what?"
God, he looked so… so incredible right then. His uniform stretched out over his wide shoulders and narrow waist. The pads strapped to his body made him look even stronger. He had grass stains on his knees, sweat in his hair, and ornery laughter in his sparkling blue eyes.
I swear I'd never seen anyone equal parts of to-die-for good looks and boy-next-door troublemaker.
"I was going to come out there and kiss it and make it better."
He threw back his head and laughed, and the stadium erupted once more. I was aware that every moment between us was being broadcast like some reality TV show, but for once, I didn't care how many people were staring.
This was our moment.
And I was so damn happy he wasn't hurt.
"So you're okay, then?" I asked.
"Takes a lot more than a shady illegal attack to keep me down."
Behind him, the players were getting back to the game, rushing out onto the field, and the coach was yelling out orders.
"I'll just go back to my seat, then," I said.
He rushed forward and grabbed me off the railing. The crown cheered when he slid me down his body and pressed his lips to mine.
It wasn't a chaste kiss. It was the kind of kiss that made me blush when I watched it on TV.
But I kissed him back anyway. I got lost in him.
When he pulled back, I said, "By the way, You're totally kicking ass out there."
He chuckled and put me back on the railing and kept one hand on my butt as I climbed back over. Back in the stands, I gripped the cold metal and gave him a small wave.
He'd been walking backward toward his team, but then he changed direction and sprinted toward me. In one graceful leap, he was up on the wall and leaning over the railing.
"Love you," he half-growled and pressed a swift kiss to my lips. "Next touchdown's for you.”
Cambria Hebert, #Hater

Cambria Hebert
“I kissed her hard and deep. Her fingers delved into my still damp hair and massaged at my scalp, making me growl low in my chest. When she started to move against me, I knew it was probably time to cool things off. We were still at the stadium.
“I didn’t expect you to wait. I would’ve hurried.”
“That’s why I didn’t tell you,” she said, brushing her fingertips across my cheek. “I want you to enjoy tonight. You earned it. But I also wanted to be here to tell you how happy I am for you.”
“Is that the only reason?” I asked, pinning her with a stare.
She sighed and pushed back so I would set her on her feet. I did and we started walking out toward the parking lot. “I really wish this could wait, but I know it can’t.”
“I know you called Braeden.”
Her teeth sank into her lower lip and she glanced at me swiftly. “What did he tell you?”
“Nothing. Sisters before misters, ya know.”
She wrinkled her nose. “What?”
“Exactly.” I agreed.”
Cambria Hebert, #Hater

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