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Louise Thanks for friending me, Shaun. :)

Take care,


message 2: by Roger

Roger Cottrell Hi Shaun,
Always good to meet another writer and I will DEFINITELY check out your books.
Thanks for the friendship on Goodreads.

message 3: by Brian

Brian Steele Okay, I am almost positive that your book "Voyeurs of Death" is at my local library. I remember the cover. As a Art School drop-out who designs all his own book covers, I recall seeing the cover to "Voyeurs of Death" and being impressed with the imagery. If indeed a copy has made its way to mid-Ohio, I'll be checking it out immediately!

message 4: by Shaun

Shaun Thanks for the request :)

Pamela Hey Shaun...Thanks for accepting my friend request.

Cheryl Landmark Thanks for accepting my friend request, Shaun. I'm looking forward to reading some of your books.

message 7: by Ed

Ed Rambeau Thanks for accepting my friend request, Shaun. You seem like an interesting person, as I see you're quite a prolific author, so feel free to tell me more about yourself and perhaps we can grow to become even greater friends. I, myself, am a singer/songwriter/actor who has recently turned author. My 2 top ten recordings were CONCRETE & CLAY (as a singer) and NAVY BLUE (as a writer)...both in the early 1960's. My first novel is an unusual murder mystery entitled: FORBIDDEN STEPS.

Regards, and have a great day, Ed


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Cristina Sburlea thank you for accepting my friend request

Cristina Sburlea Hi, I am organizing a giveaway. On December 8, I will send out a copy of my epic fantasy novel titled Creatures of Darkness and Light - titans, humans, and the beasts and my paranormal fantasy novel titled 300 Years of Sin (btw, there are no sparkly vampires here, but there's quite the body count), each e-book will go to a different person. Those who want to participate have to like and leave a comment (on my FB wall) with the name of the e-book they want. If you would like to participate, you can check out my FB page: https://www.facebook.com/MariaCristin... or my Goodreads page blog.

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