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Carole Gill Hi Jon, thanks for accepting!

message 5: by JoAnn

JoAnn Hill Hi Jon, Sounds to me like congratulations are in order. So great"Dream Talker has been picked up. I thoroughly enjoyed giving it a read through. Finally I'm starting on another book. I'm slow at my writing, so it's going to take a while. My blog has kept me occupied. I'm up to 2,240 hit's though. I will recommend "Dream Talker to my daughter and friends.
Best of luck with it! JoAnn Hill P.S. Love your bio.

Ronald Jon
On the positive side, while you lost the farm, as a fellow flying enthusiast, you have have avoided buying the farm.

message 3: by JoAnn

JoAnn Hill Hello Jon,
Hope I caught you in time. I had suggested you send the new text to my Kindle, but in thinking it over, I think the pdf would be better. With that I can type in suggestions. Let me know what I should be doing. Your dealing with a novice computer operator here you know.

message 2: by JoAnn

JoAnn Hill Hi Jon, I'm looking forward to seeing what you do to Abigail Dare.I enjoyed it a great deal. I have been working on 9 posts for the authors marketing group I'm takig part in, and useing excerpts from various chapters in my book, and I'm amazed and dissapointed in how many mistakes I have found. I'd like to rewite too. I payed a hefty sum to an editor, supposed to be a really good one. How is your wife doing with reading for me? I hope she hasn't given up.I'll be throughly interested in what she has to say. JoAnn

message 1: by JoAnn

JoAnn Hill Hi Jon
I finished your fine book, and would kike to critique it. I don't have the time today, but thought you might want to take a look at the post I put in Amazon. I have an idea for your book market, so want to E-mail you or something.

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