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message 22: by Daniel

Daniel Kemp Hello there, Donna, it's been some time since we communicated. I hope you're well!

message 21: by Beth

Beth Hi Donna,
Thanks for befriending this fellow author on Goodreads!

message 20: by Zoë

Zoë Sharp Hi Donna. Thanks so much for Friending me. How's the writing going with you here?

message 19: by Carole

Carole Gill hello Donna, thanks so much for befriending me.

message 18: by Renee

Renee Vincent I'm so glad to connect with you on Goodreads, Donna! I look forward to reading your reviews.

Giok Ping Ang Hello Donna,
Very pleased to be your Goodreads friend!

message 16: by A.R.

A.R. Donna, thanks for the add!

message 15: by Derek

Derek Grant Thanks, for looking me up, Donna.

message 14: by Debbie

Debbie Johansson Hi Donna. Thanks for the friendship! :)

Jeannie and Louis Rigod Thank You for the friendship here. I will look up the Human Element soon. Happy reading/writing.

message 12: by Joseph

Joseph Badal Good to connect with you. My 5th thriller, SHELL GAME, was just released. Check it out.
SHELL GAME by Joseph Badal

Aestas Book Blog Hi Donna - thank you for your interest in my blog! I will look your book up tonight :))

message 10: by Andy

Andy Thank you for friendship Donna,
very nice to meet you here on Goodreads :)

message 9: by Donna

Donna Galanti Dianna wrote: "Thanks for the friends request :)"

Absolutely! Nice to meet here.

message 8: by Donna

Donna Galanti Simon wrote: "Thanks for looking me up, Donna."

You're welcome! Nice to meet up here.

message 7: by Simon

Simon Thanks for looking me up, Donna.

Dianna Hardy Thanks for the friends request :)

message 5: by Donna

Donna Galanti A.M. wrote: "Thank you for accepting my friend request. :)"

You're welcome! Nice to meet up here. :)

message 4: by Rai

Rai Hi Donna,

Very glad to meet you! Thanks for being a friend :)

Best of luck with all of your writing!


message 3: by Debra

Debra Brown Hi Donna, thanks for friending me!

message 2: by Jill

Jill Thanks for your friendship, Donna.

Tamara Rose Blodgett Hi Donna! Thanks for your friendship =D

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