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message 91: by Sam

Sam Happy Authors Day!!!!!!!!:D

it's just me! Thanks for accepting my request.Sorry I was late to the Lux party-but boy am I glad I came. Looking forward to reading more of Daemon and Kat!

message 89: by Kate

Kate Thank you so much for accepting my request to be your friend here! I just want you to know that I really love the Lux series and I wish that the books will be released here in the Philippines so that my friends and I can grab our personal copies. :)

message 88: by Erika

Erika Wish your books get released in the Philippines just so I could buy them in the bookstore and get to read them whenever I want. <3

message 87: by Eric

Eric Birk Thanks for becoming my Goodreads friend.

Cassie C Thank you so much for accepting my friend request! You are such a fantastic writer. Please never stop :)

Christina I bought all the available lux books on my nook through BN today and i'm so excited to sink my teeth into Onyx! You truly won my heart with this series and I now consider you one of my favorite authors!


message 84: by Lizzy

Lizzy Just to say I absolutely love your Lux books, cannot wait until the next book is out. These stories (in my opinion) blow the likes of Twilight out of the water. Looking forward to reading the rest of your books :-)

message 83: by MahRukh

MahRukh Hey Jennifer,i just finished onyx and i have to hand it to you,you really know how to practically glue someone to your books.I loved it from page one till the end.Everything was unexpected in one word it was just awesome.LOVED IT!!!!!

message 82: by Richa

Richa Hey Jennifer, thanks so much for accepting my friend request! I'm a recent but HUGE fan! I love your Lux and Covenant series. And I love that you (unlike most authors) don't wait almost a WHOLE YEAR to release the next book :D
(i hate waiting for books to release :P)
You're an amazing writer and i am so excited for Onyx to come out on the 14th!!

message 81: by Jessica

Jessica Viteri I adored your book OBSIDIAN. My friend told me I would and I kept holding off on reading it. It was sitting in my Nook 'collecting dust.' So HAPPY I finally read it. Plowed through it in one night and read the Daemon extras. Absolutely LOVE your writing. FANTASTIC series!

Jennifer Armentrout So glad you enjoyed!

message 79: by Clio

Clio Thank you so much for accepting my friend request. I am a HUGE fan. I've read all of your published books and I'm basically going CRAZY waiting for Onyx... And Deity.

Jessica Simone I just read the first two chapters of Onyx, its amazeballs!!! Cant wait for August, you are a RockStar.

message 77: by Lily

Lily Thank you for the add love Obsidian can't wait to read onyx.

message 76: by Brooke

Brooke Chook JENNIFER!!!! ur my book idol i love ur work! i first read obsidian and ive now read it over 36 times! best book ever! please come down to australia (with pepe!!!) and visit!! thx for accepting me

Jennifer Armentrout Thank you!

Danielle Thanks for the add! Just wanted to let you know I'm in love with both the Covenant and Lux series you've written and can't wait for August and November to hit so I can read the next installments. You are a rock star!


Jennifer Armentrout Thanks Elaina!

message 72: by Elaina (last edited Jul 09, 2012 11:20PM)

Elaina Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for the add. I am loving the Lux series and can't wait for more. I love stories that just pull you in and make you lose track of time reading them. I look forward to reading more of your work. :)

Jennifer Armentrout Aw thank you Jessica!

Jessica Simone THANK YOU for accepting me! I am crazy about your books. LOVING YOUR WRITING ALL THE WAY FROM SOUTH AFRICA!!!!:) Sorry for the cap locks, need to express my love for your work!

message 69: by Emily

Emily Sweet!!!

Jennifer Armentrout 5 =)

message 67: by Emily

Emily How many Lux books will there be?

message 66: by K. D.

K. D. Grace Hey Jennifer, I don't know if informed you or not, I think not, I saw your favorite cover models in one of those diet pill commercials (Xenadrine or something). It was only picture stills and would you know, they used all of your book cover stills. They look 20 times better on your covers... I now only envision them Daemon and Katy.

message 65: by Harumi

Harumi Cano loved obsidian!! :)

message 64: by Fera

Fera Flies Free Dear Jennifer,

Oh My God! I'm so eager to read 'Onyx' today (just like yesterday, the day before, and before.. and before..)x

Thanks for writing such an awesome Obsidian series!! I heart you, hehe :))

message 63: by Kelli Belli (last edited Jun 16, 2012 09:07AM)

Kelli Belli It was so awesome to meet you, Pepe, Sztella and the rest of your crew today! Come back soon!! Thank you again!!

Jennifer Armentrout Ha!

message 61: by April

April My birthday is tomorrow and while talking with my husband, he asks "Is there anything special you want?" I say " I need an arc copy of Onyx, can I man whore you out to earn a copy?" ...... As he slowly shakes his head and walks away, I realize I have a serious JLA addiction.

Jennifer Armentrout Thank you Asije and Marulett and thanks Heather!

message 59: by Asije

Asije Beluli Jennifer thank you for accepting my friend request:) it's such a pleasure i love your book to death!

Marulett Hi Jennifer!! Thanks for accepting the friendvite!! I Loooovee your books, can´t wait for Onyx!! :)

message 57: by Heather

Heather Jennifer wrote: "Hi there.

Thank you.

Some of the books were already written.
Half-Blood (2007/2008)
Cursed (2008/2009)
Pure (2010 - I think)
Unchained (2008/2009)

So a good bulk of those books we written a wh..."

No stress for you! ;) We need more Jennifer L. Armentrout! =)

Jennifer Armentrout Hi there.

Thank you.

Some of the books were already written.
Half-Blood (2007/2008)
Cursed (2008/2009)
Pure (2010 - I think)
Unchained (2008/2009)

So a good bulk of those books we written a while ago. But I am a fast writer sometimes. When I do get stressed out, my writing slows down.

Booklover1993 u r like d fastest author out there!!3 lux books in just an year along with d covenant series!!

keep it up!

but if u don't mind me asking-had u already written some books when ur 1st book was published or is this ur real pace?

and how r u able 2 write such "marvelous"books when publication deadline is so nearby?how doesn't such stress reflect on ur writing?

message 54: by Krista

Krista (CubicleBlindness Reviews) the website you have listed up in your goodreads bio says it doesn't exist

Brooke (The Cover Contessa) OMG OMG OMG...so many Lux novels!!! WOOT!

message 52: by Lizbeth

Lizbeth Lizbeth wrote: "I just cant weait for the covenant #3!!! Sooo excited to read it! i finished the first to in a night each! just couldnt put them down!"

Same as the Lux books!! I love them too! They are really addictive!!!

message 51: by Lizbeth

Lizbeth I just cant weait for the covenant #3!!! Sooo excited to read it! i finished the first to in a night each! just couldnt put them down!

message 50: by Jinu

Jinu thank u 4 accepting my friend request :)

message 49: by Chryssa

Chryssa Thank you for accepting my friend request! :O)

message 48: by Jeanine

Jeanine Thanks for accepting my friend request :) I just finished Obsidian and I am in love... with both the series and Daemon. lol Keep his POV's coming, pleeeaaseee....

shreya Lady wrote: "I don't know about anyone else, but I would definitely like to see a Half Blood or Obsidian manga. How cool would that be?"


Jennifer Armentrout THAT WOULD BE AWESOME

shreya I LOVE YOU AND YOUR BOOKS IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY FIGURED THAT OUT ;D!!! <3 can't wait for onyx!!! thanks for sharing your book with us, especially DAEMON *drools* LOL.

Jennifer Armentrout Thank ya!

message 43: by Breann

Breann Both series need to be made into movies ASAP. SO good.

message 42: by Kelly

Kelly Oram Is Pure going to release for Kindle or do I need to go order the paperback?

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