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Kellie Can you pleassseeeee write more Bad Day and more Joe Bashir books! Those are my ultimate favorites!! Also just finished The Missing Place, amazing!

message 3: by Sue

Sue Hi Sophie,
I just finished the Aftertime trilogy and wanted to let you know how very much I enjoyed this series. I quite literally could not put the last book down for the past two days. Is there a possibility of continuing this story (I would love that!)or how about the movie rights? I think it is on a par with the "Twilight" series and actually better written, so would support that idea! I am looking forward to starting on "Banished" soon. Thank you for this gem!
Sue Klassen :)

Lucinda Dear Sophie,
I would like to thank you for being my friend here on GoodReads, which is a brilliant site where one is able to converse with so many likeminded people including authors and readers, writers and book bloggers. I really do apreciate it and look forward to future book discussions.
Kind Regards
Lucinda x

Sophie Littlefield alexis, thank you *so* much! :)

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