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message 29: by Amelia

Amelia I'm looking forward to it. I just reserved two more of your books at the library!

message 28: by Amelia

Amelia Hi
I'm Amelia and I just bought your book Bloom the other day and I started to look up some others and I would really like to read the rest of them. Thanks for friending me! You seem like a great author, I'm excited to get to know your writing!

message 27: by Bree

Bree Hey!! how are you?

Sloan Hey! Thanks for adding me and recommending Love You Hate You Miss You. I actually just put it on hold at my library last week. I'm really looking forward to reading it. :)

message 25: by Hilda

Hilda Hi Elizabeth, thanks for adding me! You've made my day.

message 24: by Carmen

Carmen Thanks for commenting. :)
I loved "Perfect You" and the signed copy of "Stealing Heaven" that I won last year... one of my prized posessions. haha.
I kind of fell behind my reading... so now I have so many of your books to read still. haha. :)

message 23: by Laura

Laura I just read your book Love You Hate You Miss You. It made me cry. It made me laugh. It made me think. Thanks and well done :)

message 22: by Anna

Anna WOw thanks for commenting! Talking to my favorite authors is probably the equivalent to a tween meeting the Jonas brothers(aka you made my day). Oh, and I totally enjoyed Bloom! Usually when I come across a character who is a cheater, I tend to dislike them. But it was so hard to not feel sorry for Lauren. She was just so conflicted and messed up from lacking parents (physically/emotionally)in her life. And Evan... swoooooon.

Lena ♫ ♪ I can't believe you thanked me for having you as one of my favorite authors. I should be thanking you! I love your books. They're fantastic! So thank you for writing these books that always make me feel all warm and fuzzy!

Ellen Sara Hi! Thanks for accepting my friend request. :)

Karielle at Books à la Mode hello! Thanks for adding me as a friend, and i cant wait to get started started on reading your books..they sound fantastic!

message 18: by Olivia

Olivia I'm glad you like the reviews. Thanks! Hahaha.

message 17: by Karen

Karen Thanks so much for accepting my request! I'm sure your books are great! :)

message 16: by Jessie

Jessie Hi! Long time no see! Hope you're well. :)

Princess Bookie Thanks for accepting my friend request!!! I can not wait until The Unwritten Rule comes out!!!


Adrienne Your welcome! I love all of your books. I haven't read your two most recent books yet, but they are in my TBR pile : D

message 13: by I'amber

I'amber Your welcome.
Ty for commenting most don't [:
And I loved perfect you :D

Anna Claire I just wanted to say thanks for commenting and I cant wait to read more of your books. The one I've read is Something,Maybe.

Lilibeth Lol, I am so glad you liked it! I had a great time reading, writing the review to, Something, Maybe.

Lilibeth No doubt, Something, Maybe was so awesome I seriously loved it. Check out my review when you can, thanks! http://lilibethramos.blogspot.com/200...

Meghan Hi =)
I'm Meghan from FiveAwesomeYAFans. I just finished Bloom and I really loved it. I can't wait to read more of your books!

KRISTI  ♫ ♪   Oh, and thanks for commenting on my profile. I LOVE "Perfect You" it's an AMAZING book. :]

KRISTI  ♫ ♪   Thanks for adding me as a friend on goodreads! I'm reading your novel, "Perfect You" right now and I LOVE IT. Can't wait to read all your other books!

Stephanie Loy Son Hey, just wanted to say thanks for commenting and that I'm a big fan of your novel, "Bloom." I thought it was beautifully written and that it addressed some important issues. I cannot wait to read more of your work.

message 5: by Katy

Katy Something,Maybe and Bloom are my favorite of your books.Thought I do love Perfect You.

message 4: by Tia

Hey! I just finished bloom and I loved it! It was amazing!

Lauren Hi Elizabeth! I'm a youth services librarian in Conyers, Georgia--about 20 minutes from Atlanta & am on the YALSA Book Listserv that you're on. Received the copy of Something, Maybe from you yesterday, thanks so much! It's going straight into our collection this week.

message 2: by Tia

Tia I loved your book perefect you, after reading the excerpt of something, maybe in the back i went out and bought it right away! it was great

Chelsea hello!
i just wanted to say how much i've enjoyed reading your books so far! I finished Perfect You yesterday and am already almost done with Bloom. It was funny because before reading Perfect You I had just finished Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen and there seemed to be so many similarities in the stories as well as the writing.

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