Kerry Adrienne
Kerry's Favorite Authors

A.E. Via
author of 19 books , including Nothing Special
Last book read by You Can See Me
Tory Michaels
author of 4 books , including Locked in Stone
Debra Strattford
author of 1 book , including Worthless
Sharon Kay
author of 20 books , including Wicked Wind
Dena Garson
author of 25 books , including Your Wild Heart
Lisa Goldman
author of 7 books , including Dark Light
Sonia De Leon
author of 4 books , including Embers of Starlight
Brandace Morrow
author of 14 books , including Fan Girl
Renee George
author of 108 books , including You've Got Tail
Boone Brux
author of 43 books , including Suddenly Beautiful
Stacia Kane
author of 24 books , including Unholy Ghosts
Joyce Lamb
author of 11 books , including True Vision
Aubrie Dionne
author of 37 books , including Colonization
Alexandra Christian
author of 26 books , including Hellsong
Christy Gissendaner
author of 25 books , including In Too Deep