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  In J.B. Stanley's A Killer Collection, what type of art is at the heart of the story?

See if you know the answer
Answered: 167 times
Correct: 31 times (5.1%)
Difficulty: really really difficult
Incorrect: 136 times (22.2%)
Skipped: 446 times (72.8%)
  In Markus Zusak's The Book Thief, Liesel gives something Max Vandenburg on her birthday. What is it? See if you know the answer
Answered: 8622 times
Correct: 3010 times (30.7%)
Difficulty: difficult
Incorrect: 5612 times (57.3%)
Skipped: 1180 times (12.0%)
  In The Book Thief when Max is very ill, Liesel begins placing "gifts", found items, on the bedside table, believing they will help revive him from unconsciousness. What is the first gift she gives him, promising: "When you wake up, I'll tell you all about it."? See if you know the answer
Answered: 8088 times
Correct: 2730 times (28.4%)
Difficulty: difficult
Incorrect: 5358 times (55.7%)
Skipped: 1524 times (15.9%)
  From Markus Zusak's The Book Thief: In the hand-made book, the Standover Man, Max draws himself as a bird-man. Why? See if you know the answer
Answered: 7542 times
Correct: 5758 times (63.0%)
Difficulty: medium
Incorrect: 1784 times (19.5%)
Skipped: 1598 times (17.5%)
  In The Book Thief , which of the following gifts did Liesel not give to Max while he was lying ill and unconscious? See if you know the answer
Answered: 7025 times
Correct: 5225 times (60.1%)
Difficulty: medium
Incorrect: 1800 times (20.7%)
Skipped: 1662 times (19.1%)
  In Interview With the Vampire by Anne Rice, Lestat creates a child vampire for Louis. What is his/her name? See if you know the answer
Answered: 11027 times
Correct: 8928 times (63.8%)
Difficulty: medium
Incorrect: 2099 times (15.0%)
Skipped: 2958 times (21.2%)
  Anne Rice first writes about a group that investigates supernatural phenomena in The Witching Hour and later in The Vampire Chronicles.
What is the name of this secret group?
See if you know the answer
Answered: 6557 times
Correct: 4397 times (37.8%)
Difficulty: difficult
Incorrect: 2160 times (18.6%)
Skipped: 5064 times (43.6%)
  What is Lestat's mother's name in The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice? See if you know the answer
Answered: 6936 times
Correct: 3498 times (29.1%)
Difficulty: difficult
Incorrect: 3438 times (28.6%)
Skipped: 5075 times (42.3%)
  Who serves as the house-keeper (and co-narrator) of Wuthering Heights ? See if you know the answer
Answered: 3714 times
Correct: 3341 times (75.6%)
Difficulty: easy
Incorrect: 373 times (8.4%)
Skipped: 705 times (16.0%)
  In Romeo and Juliet , what are the last words spoken by Tybalt before he falls at Romeo's hand?

William Shakespeare
See if you know the answer
Answered: 7454 times
Correct: 2735 times (32.6%)
Difficulty: difficult
Incorrect: 4719 times (56.3%)
Skipped: 923 times (11.0%)

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