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The following is a poem Sir Walter Raleigh wrote to his son.
The title of Alan Bradley's novel in the Flavia De Luce mystery is taken from the missing line.

Three things there be that prosper up apace,
And flourish while they grow asunder far;
But on a day, they meet all in a place,
And when they meet, they one another mar.

And they be these; the Wood, the Weed, the Wag:
The Wood is that that makes the gallows tree;
__________________________________________________The Wag, my pretty knave, betokens thee.

Now mark, dear boy__ while these assemble not,
Green springs the tree, hemp grows, the wag is wild;
But when they meet, it makes the timber rot,
It frets the halter, and it chokes the child.

Choose the correct answer:

The Weed that Strings the Hangman's Bag The Seed of Strings in the Hangman's Bag The Strings of Weeds in the Hangman's Bag
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