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Great legal moments in literature:

In which author's collected works might you stumble upon the following dialogue between Mr Justice Cocklecarrot and Learned Counsel:

Mr Bastin Hermitage (for the defence): Now, Dr Spunton, is there, to your knowledge, any disease which would account for Mrs Tasker's strange habits?
Dr Spunton: There is. It is called rufo-nanitis. The spymptoms-
Mr Hermitage: Symptoms.
Dr Spunton: Yes, spymptoms, but I always put a 'p' before a 'y'.
Cocklecarrot: With what object, might we ask?
Dr Spunton: I can't help it, m'lud.
Cocklecarrot: Do you say pyesterday?
Dr Spunton: Pyes, unfortunatelpy. It's hereditarpy. Mpy familpy all do it.
Cocklecarrot: But why 'p'?
Dr Spunton: No, py, m'lud.

Choose the correct answer:

P J Proby (Popsinger) J B Morton (Beachcomber) B J Botha (Rugbyplayer) J J Cale (Bluesman)
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