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Stunning dialogue, in which Lady Carlotta impersonates a governess. Can you identify the source?

Mrs. Quabarl thought it time to turn the conversation into more usual channels.
"We got very satisfactory references about you from Canon Teep," she observed; "a very estimable man, I should think."
"Drinks like a fish and beats his wife, otherwise a very lovable character," said the governess imperturbably.
"My dear Miss Hope! I trust you are exaggerating," exclaimed the Quabarls in unison.
"One must in justice admit that there is some provocation," continued the romancer. "Mrs. Teep is quite the most irritating bridge-player that I have ever sat down with; her leads and declarations would condone a certain amount of brutality in her partner, but to souse her with the contents of the only soda-water syphon in the house on a Sunday afternoon, when one couldn't get another, argues an indifference to the comfort of others which I cannot altogether overlook. You may think me hasty in my judgments, but it was practically on account of the syphon incident that I left."
"We will talk of this some other time," said Mrs. Quabarl hastily.
"I shall never allude to it again," said the governess with decision.

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Little Dorrit, by Charles Dickens The Schartz-Metterklume Method, by Saki The Earnestness of Impotence, by Oscar Wilde Tess and the Governess, by Thomas Hardy
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