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I've just started reading this 1959 book - how I never got round to it before beats me - anyway, I was immediately struck by its obvious influence on Douglas Adams. I accordingly consulted the oracle Wikipedia and came across the following quote:

In a 1979 interview released in 2007, Douglas Adams discussed (author's name deleted) as an influence on The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy:

"(Name of book deleted) is just one of those books – you read it through the first time and you think it's very loosely, casually written. You think the fact that everything suddenly makes such good sense at the end is almost accidental. And then you read it a few more times, simultaneously finding out more about writing yourself, and you realize what an absolute tour de force it was, making something as beautifully honed as that appear so casual." Wow!

What book is Douglas Adams referring to?

Choose the correct answer:

"The Sirens of Titan" - Kurt Vonnegut "Brighton Rock" - Graham Greene "Heat" - Ed McBain "Dawn of Twilight" - Ella Jane Myerson
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