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Fill in the missing name in this excerpt from John Updike's Bech A Book:

"_________, it happened, was Bech's favorite American author, in whom he felt united the strengths that were later to go the separate ways of Dreiser and James. Throughout dinner, back at the hotel, he lectured Petrescu about him. 'No one,' Bech said, ... 'more courageously faced our native terror. He went for it right between its wide-set little pig eyes, and it shattered his genius like a lance.' ...
'You do not consider,' Petrescu said, 'that Hawthorne also went between the eyes? And the laconic Ambroce Bierce?' ...
'Hawthorne blinked,' Bech pronounced, 'and Bierce squinted.'"

Choose the correct answer:

Ralph Waldo Emerson Herman Melville Edgar Allan Poe Henry David Thoreau Mark Twain
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