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Whose impending marriage prompted the following exchange with his mother -- to whom he had just explained that neither she, nor certain other members of his family, had the least clue as to how he ticked inside -- and the subsequent ruminations?

"'So no one understands you,' my mother said. 'I suppose I am a stranger to you too, and your father as well. So we all want only what is bad for you.'

'Certainly, you are all strangers to me, we are related only by blood, but that never shows itself. Of course you don't want what is bad for me.'

Through this and several other observations of myself I have come to believe that there are possibilities in my ever-increasing inner decisiveness and conviction which may enable me to pass the test of marriage in spite of everything, and even to steer it in a direction favorable to my development. Of course, to a certain extent this is a belief that I grasp at when I am already on the window sill."

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James Joyce Franz Kafka Jean-Paul Sartre Knut Hamsun
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