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In 1943-44, two antimodern poets, James McAuley and Harold Stewart, perpetrated a literary fraud on the Australian literary periodical _Angry Penguins_. In order to parody what the hoaxers saw as the meaninglessness of experimental verse and to discredit the magazine, the two wrote under a pseudonym, claiming to be the sister of a deceased mechanic and poet. "She" claimed to have found poetry among her late brother's effects, and submitted 17 poems to the magazine for an opinion as to their worth. The editor of _Angry Penguins_ received the poems enthusiastically, publishing a special edition of the magazine and a volume of the collected poems. In truth, the poems were pieced together using patches of William Shakespeare, medical journals, government reports, and other random text. What is the name of this literary hoax?

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Sokal hoax Ern-Malley hoax Macpherson hoax Yasusada hoax
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