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When Emma Thompson adapted Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility for the screen, Thompson commented that she was quite proud of a particular scene that she completely invented because a friend mistook it as being written by Austen. Which of these scenes does not occur in Jane Austen's novel?

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Bit by bit, John Dashwood's wife Fanny manages to convince him to reduce the amount of money he intendes to give his bereaved sisters so as to discharge a deathbed promise to his father. Elinor Dashwood and Edward Ferrars coax her younger sister Margaret out of hiding by misattributing geographical locations so she will come out and correct them. While at dinner with the Middletons, Mrs. Jennings tries to wheedle information out of the Dashwood sisters about any potential beaux, so Margaret supplies them with the letter F so they might tease Elinor. When questioned by Marianne as to why he has not come to visit them sooner, Edward Ferras has to explain that he was "engaged elsewhere" while awkwardly in the company of both of his love interests, Elinor Dashwood and Lucy Steele.
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