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The novel, Forever Peace by Joe Haldeman, deals with which plot element(s)?

Choose the correct answer:

A) A machine of giant scope -- built to support a seemingly peaceful physics experiment -- threatens the solar system. B) Citizens are obligated to fight insurgents by safely controlling war machines over great distances, which should eventually lead to peace (or so we'd like to think). C) An accidental method is being discovered that might pacify all of humanity's tendency towards conflict. Both A & B. (Haldeman as we love him: military sci-fi as it should be. Bang! Smash!) Both A & C. (Haldeman knows a bit of science. Science leads to peace... in some ways.) Both B & C. (Military sci-fi -- but with a Haldeman twist.) A, B & C. (Why not all? YOLO!) None of the above. (The plot is more subtle. And cramming MORE than one of those themes into 1 medium-sized novel constitutes literary suicide!)
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