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The Party: The Secret World of China's Communist Rulers, Richard McGregor

Some of the grassroots revenue-raising programmes deployed by local governments desparate for funds are hair-raising. In May 2009, Gongan county in Hubei province...[did this]...The policy was rescinded after a public outcry. Did what?

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order state employees collectively to smoke at least 23,000 packs of cigarettes a year...the more the officials smoked, the plan envisaged, the more money the local authority would collect in taxes they instituted a "culture tax" on smart phones , tablets, and word searches couples were forced to submit proposed baby names to the central party office and unapproved baby names were subject to a "ten-yen" fee and the parents could use that name, or one from a pre-approved list, "Ikea" is out...likewise "Google" though Xinli and Wang are okay. they tried to initiate a program called "kill the neighbor's chicken to frighten the other neighbor's monkey"
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