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Taliban: Militant Islam, Oil and Fundamentalism in Central Asia, Ahmed Rashid

In February 1999 the CIA claimed that through monitoring bin Laden's communication network by satellite, they had prevented his supporters from carrying out seven bomb attacks against overseas facilities in Saudi Arabia, Albania, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Uganda, Uruguay, and the Ivory Coast--emphasizing the reach of the Afghan veterans. The Clinton administration sanctioned US$6.7 billion to fight terrorism in 1999, while the FBI's counter-terrorism budget grew from US$118 million to US$286 million and the agency allocated 2,650 agents to the task, twice the number in 1998.

Despite these claimed successes, or because of their announcement, and despite the number, 2,650, and despite the dollars amounts, 9/11 was not prevented and bin Laden was not disposed of until years later.

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