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Story opener from Tom Lowe:

It was Hector Ortega’s turn with the girls, and he was nervous. He backed the nine-passenger van up to a run-down mobile home, turned off the engine, and said, “Make it quick. Don’t like doin’ this shit on Passover.”

Ortega watched as Silas Davis, a black man with the build of a linebacker, got out of a parked pickup truck and entered the trailer. Ortega punched the radio station selector buttons. The pulse of Jamaican Reggae rocked the van.

He opened the glove compartment, took out a small plastic bag of cocaine, shook a loose line on the back of his hand, and inhaled through both of his bull-like nostrils. Ortega closed his eyes, feeling the drugs enter his system and mix with the music.

When he opened his eyes a shadow moved. Beneath a live oak. Somebody watching. A single streetlight illuminated half a dozen ramshackle trailers. Ortega felt his night vision enhanced from the cocaine in his system.

The shadow was a man. Standing. Staring.

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A Murder of Crows Cemetery Road Black River A False Dawn
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