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Story opener from Ed McBain:

A crank is a person who calls Frederick 7-8024 and says, “I don’t want to have to tell you about that Chinese laundry downstairs again. The owner uses a steam iron, and the hissing keeps me awake. Now, will you please arrest him?”

A crank is a person who addresses a letter to the 87th Precinct and writes: “I am surrounded by assassins. I need police protection. The Russians know that I have invented a supersonic tank.” Every police precinct in the world gets its share of crank calls and letters every day of the week. The calls and letters range from the sincere to the idiotic to the sublime. There are people who have information about suspected Communists, kidnappers, murderers, abortionists, forgers, and high-class whorehouses. There are people who complain about television comedians, mice, landlords, loud phonographs, strange ticking sounds in the walls, and automobile horns that play, “I’ll be down to getya inna taxi, honey.” There are people who claim to have been exhorted, extorted, duped, threatened, libeled, slandered, beaten, maimed, and even murdered. The classic call at the 87th was from a woman who claimed to have been shot dead four days ago, and why hadn’t the police yet found her murderer?

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Lady Killer Cop Hater The Mugger The Pusher
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