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Story opener from John Sandford:

Peck popped a Xanax, screwed the cap back on the pill tube, peered over the top of the bush and through the chain-link fence, and in a hoarse whisper, asked, “You see the other one?”

The big man with the rifle whispered, “Right by that tree, above the first one. She’s looking down at him.”
“Get her.”
The big man rested the muzzle of the rifle in the V of one of the chain links, pulled the trigger: the rifle made a pop sound, not much louder than a hand clap. They waited, staring into the darkness, then Peck said, “Ah, you dumb shit, you missed her. You missed her. She should be down, but she’s not. She’s moving.”
“Might have hit that brush, deflected the shot . . .”
“She’s moving out in the open. Reload,” Peck said.
“I’m doing it. Get off my back, will ya?”

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Escape Clause Rough Country Deadline Deep Freeze
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