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The Last Best Hope, Ed McBain

When Jill Lawton discusses her missing husband with attorney Matthew Hope, she says, "Someone told me there’s such a thing as the Enoch Arden Law…” Yes? “And I’m wondering if that might apply here.” How did the Enoch Arden Law get its name?

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The Holy Bible, 1st Babylonians, the section with Enoch's travels with Charlie. It was assumed Enoch ascended into heaven until Charlie returned to tell of his capture by the Mighty Hematites. Enoch Arden was a novel written by Alfred Lord Tennyson, and its plot dealt with a shipwrecked man who returns home after many years to find his wife married to another man who has effectively become a father to Enoch’s children. Enoch Arden was a slave during colonial times, shortly after the birth of the nation, and though he had been purportedly been set free by his owner, Jonathan Livingston, the proper paperwork had not been filed with the Register of Deeds. Enoch Arden was a character in Jane Eyre, an early draft, and was left on the cutting room floor and when the trash was put out, a homeless man, previously a detective, found the trash, believed he was onto something, and so began the whole saga, the search for a man who never was...that also became the name of a World War II operation, another story...altogether.
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