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Story opener from Kalle Päätalo:

The house sat nearly atop the highest point on Pispala Ridge. In its upstairs kitchen, Irja Makinen was getting dinner ready. A soup kettle was boiling on the stove. Now and then a drop spilled over its edge, sending a faint smell of burning to linger in the air of the small room. Raising the lid of the kettle, Irja walked over to the window. Time after time that day her eyes had informed her that the ice on Lake Nasi was getting thin, that a belt of thawed patches wound along the shore behind the clumps of factory buildings visible to the left and right. The ice on the open lake had grown distinctly darker during the day, and the last of the small trees marking the winter road were so topped or sunken that only their tops could be seen. The markers caught her eyes. Here on the edge of the city, they topped and sank just as they did at home on the ice of Vaarajärvi when spring was far enough advanced.

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Our Daily Bread: A Novel Before the Storm Storm Over the Land: A Novel About War After the Storm The Winter of the Black Snow
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