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Story opener from William Gay:

The dozer took the first cut out of the clay bank below Hixson's old place promptly at seven o'clock and by nine the sun was well up in an absolutely cloudless sky and it hung over the ravaged earth like a malediction.

The superintendent walked over to a white flatbed truck and leaned his numbered gradepole against it. He filled a Pepsi-Cola bottle with ice water from a cooler on the truckbed and drank. He took out a red bandanna and mopped his face and throat. Behind him the scraped bottomland stretched as far as the eye could see like a dead wasteland, a land no one would have. A blue pall of smoke shifted over it and no tree grew, no flower. A bird would not even fly over it.

A swamper named Risner came up carrying a widemouth mason jar. Its surface was impacted with earth and Risner was mopping at it with the tail of his shirt.

What'd you find, Risner?

The story?

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The Long Home Twilight I Hate To See That Evening Sun Go Down: Collected Stories Provinces of Night Little Sister Death
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