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From what novel is the following passage excerpted?: "For a couple years he’d been a used car salesman and so hyperaware of what that profession had to mean that working hours were exquisite torture to him. [He] shaved his upper lip every morning three times with, three times against the grain to remove any remotest breath of moustache, new blades he drew blood invariably but kept at it; bought all natural-shoulder suits, then went to a tailor to have the lapels made yet more abnormally narrow, on his hair used only water, combing it like Jack Lemmon to throw them further off. The sight of sawdust, even pencil shavings, made him wince, his own kind being known to use it for hushing sick transmissions, and though he dieted, he could not as [his wife] did use honey to sweeten his coffee for like all things viscous it distressed him, recalling too poignantly what is often mixed with motor oil to ooze dishonest into gaps between piston and cylinder wall. He walked out of a party one night because somebody used the word 'creampuff,' it seemed maliciously, in his hearing."

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Bright Lights, Big City Sula Slaughterhouse Five The Crying of Lot 49
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