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Trivia Question

Speaking of swans, Gavin Ewart wrote a Semantic Limerick According to the ______ Dictionary . The first two lines of the limerick become these words:

"There exifted a person, not a woman or a boy, being in the firft part of life, not old, of St. John's, who wifhed to ____ the large water-fowl that have a long and very straight neck, and are very white, excepting when they are young (their legs and feet being black, as are their bills, which are like that of a goofe, but fomething rounder, and a little hooked at the lower ends, the two fides below their eyes being black and fhining like ebony).

Name the dictionary.

Choose the correct answer:

Oxford Unabridged Noah Webster's Dr. Johnson's Funk and Wagnall's
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