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A fairytale that has existed in many versions -an excerpt of one of the earliest publications of it, in German by Jacob Grimm and Wilhelm Grimm (published 1812):

"Als sie auch den ganzen Tag bis zum Abend fortgegangen war, kam sie zu einer Wildhütte. (...)"

English translation (somewhat adapted):
"Then she saw a little house, and went in, and found a room with six little beds; she did not dare to lie down in any, but crept under one of them, laid herself on the hard floor, and meant to pass the night there. But when the sun was just going to set, she heard a rustling, and saw six swans come flying in at the window. They sat down on the floor, and blew at one another, and blew all their feathers off, and took off their swan's-skins like shirts. Then the little girl saw them and recognised her brothers, and was very glad, and crept out from under the bed.

The brothers were not less rejoiced when they saw their little sister, but their joy did not last long.

"You cannot stop here," said they to her, "this is a house belonging to robbers; if they come home, and find you, they will kill you."

A variant was published in English in 1894 by Andrew Lang and further tales with a similar motif were published (for example) in Russian (Гуси-лебеди) and in Norwegian (De tolv villender).

In this tale, a young woman seeks her brothers who have been enchanted and turned into swans, save for a short period every evening where they resume human shape. In order to defeat the enchantment their sister must spend six years without speaking a word, and in that time sow together six shirts of starwort (i.e. a plant) for her brothers to wear.

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Sleeping Beauty Beauty and the Beast The Six Swans Hansel and Gretel Bluebeard
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