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From what work is the following passage excerpted?: "The winged horse won’t fly! Would not, wouldn’t! Vehicle of my glory, from whose high back I bombed Solymian and Amazon alike, in better days, from Bronze Age back to Stone, sank the Carian pirates. . . . Could not, couldn’t! Turned out to pasture since his master’s marriage, fat and tame now, my sweet half-brother in time grew loath even to lift his moonshaped hooves, much less strike wellsprings with them for the Muses. . . . The beast no longer giddyapped, much less went vaulting starward; only grazed in circles, trailing horsefeathers where his wings like doused snails dragged by the board."

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Pinter, "Betrayal" Morrison, "Sula" Barth, "Chimera" McInerney, "Bright Lights, Big City"
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