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I am a French Canadian poet, playwright, and essayist from the province of Québec, Canada, known for my political convictions. In 1970 I recited my most famous poem, 'Speak White', as part of a song and poetry presentation to benefit Québecois political prisoners (i.e. during the 'October Crisis' of 1970). The poem decried the inferior cultural, social and economic conditions of French Canadians, while calling for the solidarity of oppressed peoples against all forms of colonialism and imperialism....?

"Speak white
il est si beau de vous entendre
parler de Paradise Lost
ou du profil gracieux et anonyme qui tremble dans les sonnets de Shakespeare

nous sommes un peuple inculte et bègue
mais ne sommes pas sourds au génie d'une langue
parlez avec l'accent de Milton et Byron et Shelley et Keats
speak white
et pardonnez-nous de n'avoir pour réponse
que les chants rauques de nos ancêtres
et le chagrin de Nelligan (...)"

(Excerpt from 'Speak White')

(Rough translation:
Speak white
it is so good to hear you
speak of Paradise Lost
or about the graceful and anonymous profile which trembles in Shakespeare's sonnets

we are an ignorant and stammering people
but we are not deaf to the genius of a language
speak with the accent of Milton and Byron and Shelley and Keats
speak white
and forgive us for having no other reply than the hoarse chants of our ancestors
and Nelligan's sadness)

(Complete poem can be found by clicking on 'details'.)

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Arthur Rimbaud Émile Nelligan Michel Tremblay Michèle Lalonde
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