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Smiley was out of breath. His chest was burning from the bitter, rank fog.... he shouted desperately:


Frey looked at him, nodded....

.... and hit Mendel a hard, brutal blow with the pistol.

He got up slowly, holding the pistol downwards and using both hands to cock it.

Smiley ran at him blindly, forgetting what little skill he had ever possessed, swinging with his short arms, striking with his open hands. His head was against Dieter's chest and he pushed forward, punching.... He was mad and, discovering in himself the energy of madness, pressed Dieter back still further towards the railing of the bridge while Dieter, off balance and hindered by his weak leg, gave way.... Smiley beat frantically... then he was held no more and Dieter was falling, falling into the swirling fog beneath the bridge, and there was silence. No shout, no splash. He was gone; offered like a human sacrifice to the London fog and the foul black river....

Smiley leant over the bridge, his head throbbing wildly, blood pouring from his nose, the fingers of his right hand feeling broken.... He looked down into the fog and could see nothing.

"Dieter!" he cried in anguish; "Dieter!"

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The Day of the Jackal/Frederick Forsyth The Scarlatti Inheritance/Robert Ludlum Call for the Dead/John le Carré The Ipcress File/Len Deighton
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