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Marco stops, his face going pale in the lamplight.

"What are you saying?" he asks.

"I am saying that you had a chance," Isobel says. "A chance to be with her. A chance for everything to resolve itself in a favorable manner. I almost wanted that for you, truly, in spite of everything. I still want you to be happy. And the possibility was there." She gives him a small, sad smile as she slides her hand into her pocket. "But the timing isn't right."

She removes her hand from her pocket and uncurls her fingers. In her palm sits a pile of sparkling black crystals, silt as fine as ash.

"What is that?" Marco asks as she lifts her palm to her lips.

In response, Isobel blows softly, and the ash flies at Marco in a stinging black cloud.

When the dust clears, Marco's briefcase sits abandoned on the pavement by her feet. Isobel takes it with her as she leaves.

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Started Early, Took My Dog/Kate Atkinson Swamplandia!/Karen Russell The Night Circus/Erin Morgenstern The Tiger's Wife/Téa Obreht
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