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Someone was coming. He started to turn and go back into the woods but he didnt. He just stood in the road and waited, the pistol in his hand.... The man ... stood there looking at him ... dressed in a gray and yellow ski parka. He carried a shotgun upside down over his shoulder on a braided leather lanyard and he wore a nylon bandolier filled with shells for the gun. A veteran of old skirmishes, bearded, scarred across his cheek and the bone stoven and the one eye wandering. When he spoke his mouth worked imperfectly, and when he smiled.
Where's the man you were with?
He died.
Was that your father?
Yes. He was my papa.
I'm sorry.
I dont know what to do.
I think you should come with me.
Are you one of the good guys?
The man pulled back the hood from his face. His hair was long and matted.... He looked at the boy. Yeah, he said. I'm one of the good guys. Why dont you put the pistol away?
I'm not supposed to let anyone take the pistol. No matter what.
I dont want your pistol. I just dont want you pointing it at me.

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The Road/Cormac McCarthy The Road to Wellville/T.C. Boyle The Road to Gandolfo/Robert Ludlum Killer on the Road/James Ellroy
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