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Hard Times: An Oral History of the Great Depression contains dozens of interviews of different people by Studs Terkel. Which of the following anecdotes is NOT contained in this book?

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A dancer remembers how she "dressed up" as Lady Godiva in order to protest the fact that people were flaunting their wealth by wearing dresses made out of thousand-dollar bills to parties A Chicago Housing Authority official remembers a black man who lived in a public housing project wearing his Sunday best to work in his garden, so that people would stop believing that people living in projects were shabby and careless A court bailiff, who had been required to participate in repossessing people's furniture and goods when they couldn't pay their debts, remembers fudging the records so that he didn't have to take everything away A politician and businessman remembers how he made lots of money during the Depression in advertising--by buying a popular radio show and making it refer to a brand of toothpaste, and by selling Muzak to barber shops and doctor's offices These are all in Hard Times: An Oral History of the Great Depression
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