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Born in Boston, Massachusetts. Parents were David and Elizabeth. Father abandoned the family within a year; mother died within another year. Attended the University of Virginia. Dropped out. Enlisted in the Army. Obtained a discharge to attend West Point. There, got himself purposely discharged. Married his cousin when he was 26 and she was 13. Poet and short story writer. Worked as an editor at a periodical; discharged for drunkenness. Sought and was promised a political position; did not get it after failing to meet to discuss it, possibly due to drunkenness. Later served in positions at other publications, while writing and publishing the genre stories for which he is recognized. Became particularly famous for a narrative, stylized poem that now is one of the best-known poems ever written; the poem was inspired by Grip, a talking creature in Dickens’ Barnaby Rudge, and it copied the meter and rhythm of an Elizabeth Barrett Browning poem. His wife’s death led to increased instability. A year and a half later, he was found wandering the streets “in great distress,” wearing someone else’s clothes. Died four days later. The suggested causes include alcoholism, heart disease, syphilis, cholera, and rabies, among others. His reputation for drug addiction may be inaccurate. Buried in Baltimore, Maryland.

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Charles Baudelaire Robert Browning Nathaniel Hawthorne Herman Melville Edgar Allan Poe
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