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Born in Broadbridge Heath, West Sussex, England. Parents were Timothy and Elizabeth. Attended University College, Oxford, where he purportedly attended a single lecture and was rusticated (temporarily expelled) for writing a position piece on atheism. Poet. Published his first collection of verses while at Oxford. Later also wrote lengthy visionary Romantic poems and sonnets, including one of his most famous works – a poem that tells of a destroyed statue, the symbol of the fall of all empires and their leaders. Eloped at nineteen with a sixteen-year-old girl, whom he married. When he was twenty-one, abandoned his wife (and a child) while she was pregnant a second time, to run off with another sixteen-year-old girl. On their return a few weeks later, the second woman was pregnant as well. When his first wife drowned herself in the Serpentine in London’s Hyde Park two years later, he was free to marry and did so. Had four children with his second wife, one of whom died shortly after birth and two others who died as young children, all within three years. Traveling with his family and friends in Europe, engaged in group conversations about 18th-century medical experiments and in the telling of ghost stories, which led to the suggestion that each of the group write a story of the supernatural. The challenge gave rise to one of the great works of literature, written by one of the other members of the group. At twenty-nine, died in a storm while sailing along the Italian coast. Ashes interred at the Protestant Cemetery in Rome, Italy.

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Lord Byron Samuel Coleridge John Keats Percy Bysshe Shelley Edward John Trelawny
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