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Andy The first task was just 100 yards away... 10 yards away... 5... 4...3...2... 'I really don wanna do this...' Dan mumbled. He looked back.
The rest of the school was noisily making its way towards them. In front rushing nervously towards them, were, Ricky, Carl, Cliff, and David. Also the judges (MaGonagall, Harry, Hermione, Ron, Viktor, and Gabriella) were rushing behind.

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"I'm so nervous" Emma said biting her lip as the others were walking towards them.
Dan smiled at her. Then took her hand and squezzed it gentley. "It'll be fine" he said reasuring her. But deep down Dan knew he was nervous too.

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Andy 'It... it is time.' Proffesor McGonnagal said solemnly. 'We now watch... we watch the champions compete in the first task. Ready set go-'
'WAIT!' Ron yelled.
'What?' McGonnal asked.
'They don't know what the task is yet!' Ron smiled and said 'you each have to find three items. A scroll, a key, and a flute. Why, you ask? because these three items will help you later on. The more important items will be closer to the forests edge, but the scroll for instance will be near the centre. So, when Minerva-' McGonnagall glared at him, 'er Proffesor McGonnagal says it's okay, then you can go.'
'3...' Dan looked at Emma, who looked like she was about to burst out crying, '2...' Dan then looked at Hailey, she was smirking slightly. '1...' Dan felt queasy. 'g-' McGOnnagal started.
'GGOOO!' Screamed Ron triumphantly.
Dan began to run towards the forest, but a hand grabbed his shoulder and he spun around on his heel.
'ANd they're off!' Shouted Ron, who would be commentating this task.
'Dan wait.' Ricky said. He was the one who grabbed him. Emma and Hailey were almost in the forest.
'What?' Dan asked impatiently.
'Take this!' RIcky shoved a firebolt XL into Dan's hand and ran away.
'Thanks!' Dan shouted over the cheering crowd. Dan mounted the broom, and flew high above the trees.
'Accio key!' he tried. nothing happened. 'Accio key!' nothing happened, but he heard Ron say,
'Nice try Mr Abbot, but a summoning charm won't work!'
'URG!' Dan grunted and he tried a locator charm on the key. Everything went black and he saw a flash of red showing where the key was, but his concentration was interupted by Hermione who summoned Dan's broom away. ('He could have brought it, but his friend did it instead!' she said.)
Dan used a cushioning charm to soften his landing- but it only half worked. He was still alive. But not for long. A Blast-ended skrewt, six feet long. It had been startled by his fall, and was charging towards him.

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Andy Emma suddenly jumped out of the trees and yelled 'Relashio!', a tangle of vines fell on top of the Skrewt. (When Dan fell he broke a lot of branches, and the branches fell into that net of vines)
'Thanks...' Dan said.
'Your Welcom, but I have to go! Good luck' She replied, as she ran back through the trees.
'Good luck...' Dan mumbled, he stood still until he heard a rustle, and when he looked around he saw that the heap of branches that was the skrewt was moving. Dan ran until he had a cramp in his side. He crouched by a tree.
He jumped when he heard someone walking in the distance. 'Yes! I've got ze floot!' it was Olivia.
Dan ran towards her, she was headed North out of a clearing, where four more flutes lay on the forest floor. As Dan picked one up he thought, "I should get one for Emma, but... I might not see her again, and I could get disqualified..."
Dan heard more footsteps, and he turned around.
Hailey and Hoalker were bolting towards him. As they ran, they scooped up a flute each, and continued running, their faces were scarred.
Dan turned around wondering what was so scary.
His question was answered far too soon.

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Andy A dragon... it stood at least thirty feet from the ground on all fours, it's eyes large golden globes.
Dan screamed and ran.
He ran towards HAiley and Holker and caught up easily. The three of them found themselves colliding with Emma, and Olivia.
They seemed to be running from two other dragons, a Chinese fireball, and a Hungarian Horntail.
Dan noticed that Hailey and Holker seemed to be in the lead, as they both had a key clutched in their hands.
All five of them took out their wands, and shouted 'STUPEFY!' Nothing happeded.
'We all have to shoot at the same ones!' Emma screamed.
Everyone pointed at the Horntail. 'STUPEFY!!!' Five shots of red light hit the horntail in the eye. It fell causing an Earthquake. They did the same with the other two.
Everyone split up, but Dan quickly told Emma where the flutes were.

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Andy Dan ran, following Olivia, until she found another clearing. She found the scrolls.
Dan picked one up and knew he had to get to the keys before Olivia.
He ran North, hoping that was the way to the entrance.
He found another clearing, where many corpses of spiders... large spiders... lay. There was a huge root, that looked like it was a den...
Dan walked towards it, then he found a fire pit, surrounded by rocks, and logs, for sitting purposes... Dan knew this place... he just couldn't put his finger on it... He turned around and saw a really big tree... it had rope beside it, and it looked like someone... or something... had been tied there.
Dan turned to run the other way, but he found that he was surrounded by spiders the size of large dogs. One of them dived at his feet, causing him to fall over. Right beside his head was a stone- no two stones... one stone, split in half. Dan grabbed it slipped into his pocket and stood up. 'ARONIA EXIMAY!' He yelled, using a blinding blue light.
The spiders flew backwards.
He ran out of the clearing, then through the scroll clearing, leaving the remaining three scolls behind. He passed Emma and said 'Hi.' and kept running.
'ACCIO FIREBOLT XL!' He used a locator charm, and jumped on the broom. He flew swiftly towards the key, when Something jumped on the back of his broom, he wasn't quite sure what it was, but he kept flying.
He looked back hurriedly and saw Emma. She was holding a scroll, and a flute.
Dan closed in on the keys, and grabbed two, and tossed one ant Emma. He grabbed her hand, and ran out of the forest.
'A TIE FOR FIRST!' came Ron's voice.

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Andy 'The judges scores!' Ron yelled happily, 'I love this part! First for Mr Dan Abott!'
Three minutes later, Hermione, sent up a golden ribbon. It frmed the number 8.
A loud bang sounded, and Ron said 'Times up!' Then two seconds later, Hailey ran out of the forest with all three items.
Harry sent up a number 9.
McGonnagal sent up a number 8.
Viktor sent up a 10. ('What? I loved the broom atribute!)
Gabriella sent up a 7.
Ron sent up a 9.
'A Total of 51, out of 60!!! And now miss Emma LeHaye!...'

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Laurena | 150 comments Mod
Hailey ran towards the forest just behind Dan. Ricky stopped Dan from running, and Hailey passed him, laughing with triumph. She crossed the threshold of the forest before anyone else, followed closly by Emma. Dan's cries could be heard overhead, Hailey threw her head back in time to see him flying over the treetops on a Firebolt XL. How did Dan get one of those?? There was no way he could have afforded one...
Haily's foot got caught in a root, as she wasn't looking where she was going, and went plummetting to the forest floor. Emma ran past, giving Hailey a sympathetic look, and pushed herself into the bushes. Olivia ran past as well, not bothering to even look at Hailey, and ran into the brush in a different direction. Holker tripped over Hailey's legs because he wasn't looking where he was going at all.
"Hey!" Hailey yelled at him, "watch where you're going!"
Holker paid no attention to her criticizm, and yelled "A key! I have found a key!"
"Where?" Hailey asked, pulling herself out from under him. He pointed his finger to a hole in the ground about a foot deep. There were leaves piled over it, but in the darkness, Hailey could see a glimmer of a golden key. She hurridly grabbed one, and got to her feet. Holker held his close, and stood up as well. Hailey went to run, glad she had one of the three items after only four minutes of being in the forest, but she came face to face with a black being with scabbed hands sticking out of the sleeves.
"Dementor! Dementor!!" Holker yelled. Hailey could already feel the happyness she'd felt getting sucked out of her. She fell to the forest floor once again. "Hailey?!" Her eyes were closing, all of her energy was leaving her. A cenataur came jumping over a fallen tree.
"Get back you foul creature!" The cenataur called, kicking the dementor with it's front hooves. The dementor fled the scene, and the centaur came over to Hailey's fallen body. "Are you alright?"
"Hmm..." Hailey moaned. Holker was at her side with a piece of chocolate.
"My Vater says that chocolate helps vith dementor attacks. Here, haff my chocolate." He told her.
"I don't want your stupid chocolate!" She cried, but taking it anyway. She wanted to get back into the competition. She ate it hastily. "Eww...It's bitter!"
"Chocolate should alvays be bitter." Holker said quietly. "Get up, ve must get moving." He reached his hand out towards Hailey. She pushed it aside, but fell back down when she tried alone. Holker hoisted her to her feet, and turned to look into the trees.
"Does she need a ride?" The centaur asked looking curiously at Hailey's weak body.
"No-" Hailey started refusing, but Holker interupted her.
"Yes. She is very veak, and vill need all of the help she can get." He told the centaur. The centaur motioned for Holker to lift her onto his back. Holker lifted her as best he could with her squirming and struggling. In the end, Holker ended up climbing onto the centaur's back just to hold Hailey on its back.
"Where to?" The centaur asked.
"Ve are looking vor flutes and scrolls." Holker said. Without another word, the centaur ran off into the woods.

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Laurena | 150 comments Mod
Everything was going pretty good. Hailey had a key, and made an aliance, even if it was just for the first task. Yes, everything was going quite well, until the centaur made an unprepared stop. Hailey was rested, it had been about twenty minutes since she'd fallen. Hailey looked around the torso of the centaur, and saw something slowly taking shape. She slide off of the centaur's back, Holker followed suit, just in time for the centaur to run away.
"What is that?!" Hailey screamed. Holker stepped infront of her, realizing that what she would fear most of all would be far worse than the dragon he feared.
"It's a boggart!" He screamed back. "Stand back!" He pulled out his wand, and held it up high. "Ridikulus!!" He yelled. The dragon turned into a stuffed toy. Holker's laughter boomed, and the boggart fled. He turned to face Hailey, "I told you I am much more powervul than you!"
Hailey's eyes grew wide. A Welsh Greenback dragon was closing in on them. She pointed, trying to tell him it was there, but she was unable to make any sound. She decided to just run away. Holker trusted her judgement, and followed her. "Vat is it?" He yelled to her.
"D-Dragon!" She called back, still running.
Hailey and Holker ran quickly past Dan, grabbing at the flutes Hailey had just noticed sticking out of the brush. Dan's screams could be heard over her pounding footsteps, and she soon realized that he was following close behind her, holding a flute in his grasp.
Hailey, Holker, and Dan colided with Emma and Olivia. Sending all but Dan crashing to the ground. A Chinese Firebolt and a Hungarian Horntail were following the two girls, and Hailey assumed they were what was causing their screams.
All five of them took out their wands, and shouted 'STUPEFY!' Nothing happeded.
'We all have to shoot at the same ones!' Emma screamed.
Everyone pointed at the Horntail. 'STUPEFY!!!' Five shots of red light hit the horntail in the eye. It fell causing an Earthquake. They did the same with the other two.
As soon as the dragons were taken care of, Hailey ran into the woods again. This time, Holker was the only one that followed. The two kept a safe distance away from Dan and Olivia, sure the two would lead them to the final item, the scrolls. As soon as Dan and Olivia were out of the clearing, they went in and took their scrolls.
They had all three items! Now they just had to get out of the forest. Dan could be seen glying with Emma above the treetops. Hailey didn't think that was fair! They got to ride out of the forest, and Hailey had to run.
Holker and Hailey kept running. Hailey using the only spell she knew that Holker didn't know yet, the locator charm, and was locating the exit. "It's just beyond those trees!" She called. Just then, Olivia fell onto the path infront of her, causing Hailey to shreik. Big spiders came out, and were crawling on Olivia's body. Hailey knew a spell that could help her, but couldn't remember the words.
"Hailey!" Holker called, "I vill safe her, you get out. Time is almost up!" He was quickly using spells, repeling the spiders from Olivia.
Hailey didn't stick around to see how it turned out. She gave a quick prayer that no one would die during this turnament, and ran out into the clearing, two seconds after time ended.

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Laurena | 150 comments Mod
Hailey waited patiently for Dan and Emma's scores to be given. Finally, her turn was up:
"Hailey Pince!" Hermione called, then she sent up a ribbon which formed the number 7. "You will be docked marks for being late!"
Harry sent up a number 8.
McGonnagal sent up a number 8.
Viktor sent up a 5 calling out angriliy "You left my son in there!"
Gabriella sent up a 7.
Ron sent up a 9.
"Your total is 44 out of 60! That is pretty good considering you were late!" Hermione called.
Hailey waited nervously for Holker and Olivia to come out of the forest. She wanted to be sure that Olivia was still alive. "Shouldn't we send someone in after them?" Hailey asked Dan nervously, "I mean, Olivia was being attacked by giant spiders!"
"They'll be fine Hailey! Besides, they were always bragging about how they would beat us in the turnament, and we won the first task!! You should be celebrating!" Dan was feeling nervous too, but he was trying not to let it show while he was trying to make Hailey feel better.
"I'll celebrate when they come out alive!" Hailey didn't usually feel anxious or nervous, that's what made her such a good prankster.
After what felt like hours, but was really only ten minutes, Holker came out, dripping with blood, his clothes tattered, dragging Olivia, who looked worse than him, out behind him. Hailey ran over to them, and helped bring Olivia to Madame Pomfry in the hospital wing. Once Olivia was safely tucked in a hospital bed, Hailey found herself fall to the ground shaking, with tears falling down her cheeks. It was so close to being her rather than Holker and Olivia. That was when the dangers of the triwizard turnament actually seemed real.

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As soon as Proffesor McGonagall/ Mr. Weasley said go Emma sprinted towards the forest. Dan was soon ahead of her and then Hailey. Ricky suddenly came up behind Dan and stopped him from running. Emma didn't dare look back because this was her chance to get ahead and she wasn't going to lose it.

Hailey entered the forest first with Emma closely behind. She suddenly saw a blur fly over there heads and relized it must be Dan on a broomstick. How did he get one of those? Emma thought to herself. She looked down just in time to miss Hailey who had stumbled. She gave her a sympathetic look and kept running.

She entered the dense bush and slowly but efficiently worked through it. All the sudden she heard something crash and then cry out. She quickly jumped out of the bushes and saw a Blast-Ended Skrewt charging Dan. She cried out 'Relashio.'
"Thanks" Dan said breathlessly.
"Your Welcome. But I have to go! Good Luck!" Emma replied quickly. She ran back into the trees as she finished.

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When Emma finally submerged from the trees she came out near a wideopen pasture. She saw Olivia walking away with a flute in her hands. Emma had taken no more then one step out of the bushes when she heard a scream and felt the ground shaking. She turned and saw a horrifying sight a Chinese Fireball dragon was chasing after Olivia and they were coming towards Emma. Then suddenly another dragon, a Hungarian Horntail came stomping out of the bushes. Emma started to run towards the pasture, Olivia close behind her.

All the sudden she collided with Dan, Hailey and Holker. There were now surrounded by all the dragons. They all took out there wands and yelled "STUPEFY" Nothing happened. Emma knew what they had to do. She quickly yelled "We all have to shoot at the same ones." Everyone pointed at the Horntail and cried "STUPEFY" Five shots of red light hit the horntail in the eye. It fell causing an Earthquake. They did the same with the other two.
Everyone split up, but Dan quickly told Emma where the flutes were. Emma quickly ran and grabbed a flute. She saw Hailey and Holker run out of the pasture and quickly followed them at a safe distance.

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They lead her right to another pasture that had the scrolls in them. She waited for them to leave the pasture and then she ran in and grabbed a scroll. Dan ran passed her and quickly said "Hi" before running off again. Emma ran after him.

She came out of the clearing and saw Dan flying away on the broomstick. She made a quick decision and sprinted after him. When she got close enough she jumped carefully onto the back of his broomstick. She smiled triumphantly. Dan looked back but kept flying. She saw him lowering the broom and then he grabbed at something. He through something suddenly at her and she relized it was the key!!!

They landed and Dan grabbed her hand. They quickly ran out of the forest. "A tie for first" Mr. Weasley cried.

"The judges scores!" Mr. Weasley yelled happily, "I love this part! First for Mr Dan Abott!"
Three minutes later Mrs. Weasley sent up a golden ribbon. It formed the number 8.
A loud bang sounded, and Ron said "Times up!" Then two seconds later, Hailey ran out of the forest with all three items.
Mr. Potter sent up a number 9.
Proffesor McGonnagal sent up a number 8.
Mr. Krum sent up a 10. ('What? I loved the broom atribute!)
Mrs. Delacour sent up a 7.
Mr. Weasley sent up a 9.
'A Total of 51, out of 60!!! And now miss Emma LeHaye!...'

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Mrs. Weasley sent up her golden ribbon. It showed the number 8.
Mr. Potter sent up an 8.
Professor McGonagall sent up a 9.
Mr. Krum sent up 9. (She was in on the broom also!!)
Mrs. Delacour sent up a 8.
Mr. Weasley sent up a 9.
"Your total is 51 out of 60!!! Now Hailey Pince's scores...."

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Emma watched as Olivia and Holker finally made there way slowly out of the Forest. They were both covered in blood. Emma felt bad. Hopefully they'll be ok Emma thought to herself.

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Madam Pomfrey ran down to help them. Closely followed by Mr. Krum and Mrs. Delacour. With Proffesour McGonagall and Mr. and Mrs. Weasley trailing behind.

message 17: by Andy (new)

Andy Harry atood on the judges podium examining Dan's broomstick. 'Wow... I think Albus and James are getting one of these...' Lily cleared her throat beside him, 'And you Lily... and you... and maybe mum, and me too...'

Dan grinned at Emma as Madam Pomfry wrapped his head up, for he had a slight burn. 'We did it... alive.'
Suddenly Ricky screamed.
Dan jumped off and bolted off out of the recovery tent.
'Come BACK!!' Madam Pomfry yelled after him.
Dan paid no attention to her, and ran to greet Ricky. He looked like he was wearing a turteleneck... a black turtle neck, and his eyes were glowing red.
'AHHHHH!! Vat is zat!?'Holker and Olivia screamed together.

Ricky was taken to St Mungo's after that... and Mr Marsh was the one to take him, and Professor McGonnagal took his place as the Transiguration teacher.

'We survived the tournament, but somehow Ricky...' Dan mummbled.


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Laurena | 150 comments Mod
"Dan! Is Ricky alright? I just heard he was taken to Saint Mungo's!" Hailey said through panting. She had just run from the Hospital wing.

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Andy 'Dunno...' Dan mumbled as he walked away. He decided that he wanted to examin the stone he had found, so he ran to his dormitory, and kicked his roommates out.
He reached into his pocket and felt around... but it wasn't there... 'What!?' Dan yelled as he searched some more. 'EMMA!?' Dan yelled in frusteration. Emma came hurtling into his room.
'What?' She asked startled. 'What's wrong?'
'My rock is gone...' He whinned. 'IT was sooo cool too...'
'Dan...' Emma said smiling as she turned and walked away.

Amblerynn, was still furious. Dan, Emma, and Hailey, had survived, she had lost the eQuidditch game for her team, and Scorpius wouldn't talk to her.
She decided that if no monster was going ot kill Dan-than she would... somehow, someway... and his stupid friends too...
She immediatly drew out specific plans for killing all of them. Emma, Cliff, Dan, David, Hailey, and RIcky... her, having a couple years spieing on them knew where they went, and when they went there... 'this year is about to get a lot more interesting...' She said. Suddenly a hand clasped around her mouth, and a harsh voice whispered in her ear,
'Help me... we will defeat them... together...'
Amberlynn bit the fingers, but her teeth clasped together, they went through the man's hand... he wasn't real... he was like a dark mist.. like a shadow...
'Help himmmm... orr elssssse.' A voice hissed. Amberlynn spun around and saw Professor Potter standing by Amber's bed... her eyes glowed a deep blood red... she was possesed-


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Andy Carl sent a letter to his parents asking them to come pick him up... he needed to see Ricky- now!

'Ricky' he whispered in his ear as he crouched beside his hospital bed. 'The cloak- it's gone! I was going to use it to find a thestral and fly here to see you... but it was gone, and your room- destroyed.'
'What?!' Ricky gasped. 'DId you talk to Cliff?'
'No- hey...' Carl smiled. 'The shadow... it's gone!'
'no- not completly, My bottom half- oh yeah and my hands... they are still well...'
'Ricky honey?' came a nurses voice, 'I've received a present for you.'
'Sweet.' he said.
'No, no. I don't think it's sweets dear.' SHe relpied. SHe handed him a small box covered in green wrapping paper.
'Huh...' Ricky read the tag. 'Who's Linnie?' he asked Carl.
'Dunno- secret admirer?' Carl suggested.
'No- well I supose it's nothing, I mean a lot of kids have sent me things lately.'
Ricky opened the box, he looked in it... just for a second, and he saw a face... a face he'd never forget... a dark sallow face, with green eyes, and and evil aura... (Yaxly)... suddenly there was no more Ricky... not for now anyway.

'Where's Carl?' Dan asked a week later, it was two days until CHristmaas, and Carl said he's be back with word about Ricky. 'You'd think he'd at least send an owl or something right?'
Dan, Emma, Hailey, Cliff and David were huddled around the fire in the Entrance Hall.
'Well-' EMma started, but she (yet again) was interupted, this time it was Professor McGOnnagal speaking with her voice echoing through the halls.
'Will all students- years four and up- including the champions- please report to the Great Hall for a breif discussion?'
SO the five of them turned and headed for the Great Hall.


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Andy Dan took a seat inbetween David and Cliff. Emma and Hailey walked over to the other side of the Hall and sat down with the rest of the girls.
Luna, and Herbie were standing in the middle of the hall, waiting for silence.
'Everyone,' Luna said dreamily, 'pick a partner.' Dan shot towards Emma. Cliff found a girl in his year, and David paired up with Hailey.
'Dance.' Neville said.
'I don't dance...' Dan said.
'It's OK that you don't know how...' Emma began.
'I do!' Dan said, 'I do know how... I just don't...'
After a couple minutes of chaos, Neville stopped everyone and said, 'You'll have to work on that, because tommorow night is the YULE BALL!!!'
Dan fainted.

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"DAN...Dan are you all right?????" Emma screamed overdramatically. Hailey and David ran over quickly.
"He won't wake up but I think he's only fainted" Emma said, slightly panicing. "I'll go get Madam Pomfrey" Hailey said as she stood up quickly and ran to get Madam Pomfrey.
A few minutes later they both came running in. Dan was still unconscious. Emma now had his head in her lap. You looked up as they walked up to the group. Cliff had now came over to see what had happened. Both he and David were sitting lazily on the floor.
Emma sighed with relief. She set her wand down beside her. "I've been rinsing his face with my wand but he still won't wake up!!"
Madam Pomfrey bent down and looked Dan up and down. "Lets get him to the hospital wing" she said gently. Hailey and David heaved Dan up and followed Madam Pomfrey out of the Great Hall. A flustered Emma following closely behind. Cliff shrugged and went back to his dancing partner.

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A few hours later Emma was sitting in the Ravenclaw commonroom. Madam Pomfrey had said it would be best if Dan stayed overnight since he still hadn't woken up. Emma had been fretting about him since she had come back to the commonroom.
Jake Harrison, a 4th year muggle-born, came over to the chair where Emma was trying to read.
"Ummmm...Hi Emma" he said rather nervously. Emma looked up, smiled slightly, then looked back down at her book. "I was...uhhh...just...uhhhh...wondering if...if you..." Jack stuttered nervously," If you wanted...to...to gototheballwithme???" He finished rather fast.
Emma looked at him slowly. "What was that last part??" she asked curiously.
"I was just wondering if you wanted to go to the ball with me???" Jack replied slowly.
Emma looked up straight at him with her mouth wide open. She noticed this quickly and shut it. "But...but I'm dating D-" She started but Jake didn't let her finish.
"Oh never mind. I just thought since Dan was sick you might go with me. But... I guess I thought wrong." He turned away slowly and started to walk away.
Oh bother Emma thought to herself. "Wait Jake" she said a little guiltily. He turned around quickly and smiled. "I'll go to the ball with you."
"Great" he said excitedly and ran off.
Dan's not going to be very happy with me Emma thought putting her head in her hands.

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Andy "WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????" Dan yelled in the Hospital Wing. It was the next afternoon. only three hours until the ball, when CLiff had told him about EMma.
'Then I'll just get myself a partner too!'

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Jake had been following Emma everywhere all day and Emma was getting rather frustrated. He had sat beside her during lunch and Emma had to go into the girls bathroom just to get him off her tail between classes.
Dan had still not been released from the hospital wing and Emma wasn't looking forward to when he did. She knew he would be upset and would probably never forgive her. Great Emma thought to herself as she headed back to the commonroom to get ready for the ball, Just when me and Dan are really getting along!! Emma quickly went up to her dormitory to get ready. She only had 2 hours before the Yule Ball started!!!

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As she headed up the stairs towards Ravenclaw Tower, Jake come up from behind her. "Hey Emma, wait up!!" he cried excitedly.
Emma couldn't take it anymore. "Look Jake. Just because I'm going to the Ball with you doesn't mean we're going out!!! I already told you that I'm dating Dan!! Stop following me OK!!!!" At that she stomped into the already open doorway and stomped up to her dormitory. Jake was left watching her stomp away. He just stared straight ahead with his mouth slightly open.

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After David and Hailey had taken Dan to the hospital wing and left Emma and Madam Pomfrey to fret over him, they headed up to the Griffindor commonroom. As they walked up the Staircase David started talking.
"Hailey??" he asked her a little nervously.
"Yes??" she replied, looking at him curiously.
"I was thinking that maybe if you weren't doing anything else.." he stopped and looked down at his feet.
"What is it??" Hailey asked him.
"Do you want to go to the Ball with me??" he suddenly asked her, smiling a little. Hailey stopped climbing the stairs and stared at David with a surprised look in your eyes.
"Ummmmm..." she started, "Well...Sure. I'll go to the Ball with you!!" She smiled and ran up and entered the commonroom. David smiled and followed her soon after.

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Andy Dan found a girl on the way up to the comon room, when finally he was allowed to be out of the hospital. He recognized her as Sarah Blake, a girl from Emma's dorm. 'That'll make her jealous!' Dan cheered, Sarah agreed to go and Dan ran off to get ready.

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Andy He dressed himself in his new dressrobes, and waited for Sarah in the commonroom when Emma showed up.

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It had taken Emma an hour and a half to get herself ready. Even though she didn't really want to go with Jake, she still wanted to look pretty.
She was wearing a lilac coloured dress with opened toed shoes that matched. Her hair was up in a fancy bun with real lilacs in it. She had a few stands hanging down to frame her face and a little makeup on to complete the look.
When she was ready she walked down the stairs into the commonroom to head down to the Entrance Hall, where she was meeting Jake. She immediatly saw Dan standing by the door out of the commonroom. Luckily he wasn't looking her way!!
She stopped as soon as she saw him and turned back around, almost heading back up the steps. She stopped herself. No she thought, I need to face him. She slowly turned around and walked briskly up to him. But before she reached him he turned around and stared at her. She stopped in midwalk and stared back at him nervously. What was he going to say? What we he do??

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Hailey didn't have anything spectacular to wear, dresses just weren't her thing, so she found a nice red T-shirt, a jean skirt and a base-ball cap, and went to go to the entrance hall, where she'd agreed to meet David. On her way out she grabbed her leather jacket, and skipped her way out of the commonroom.

Cliff had been worried about Hailey ruining his reputation by making the family look bad, and was talking to her father, Mr.Pince. "I don't think she'll do anything wrong Cliff, don't worry so much." He was telling Cliff, but Cliff didn't believe any of it.
"She'll do something- there she is! WHAT is she wearing?" Cliff exclaimed.
"Well, I'm sure it is quite appropriate-" Mr. Pince turned to face his daughter, "Get her!" Cliff was off, and tackled Hailey to the ground.
"Get off of me!" Hailey screamed.
"No! Your dad doesn't like the way you've dressed!" Hailey just got a good punch in, to the side of Cliff's head.
"I'm not changing the way I look! I'm going with David! He was wearing jeans the last time I checked!" Hailey screamed while she threw Cliff off her. She got up and ran towards the hall, but just before she got there, she heard her dad call "Got her!". She stopped and looked down at her clothing. Her T-shirt and jean skirt were replaced with a long crimson gown, with a sparkling white sash around her arms. On her feet she wore death traps of shoes, two inch red heels were strapped to her feet. She took an experimental step, and fell to the floor.
"Hi Hailey!"
"Hi Cliff!"
Two familiar and similar voices called. She turned and saw Lorcan and Lysander Longbottom walking towards them. One reached out a hand, she wasn't sure which, to help her to her feet. Once she was standing, they bombarded her with questions. "Why are you wearing a dress?" "What was it like in the first task?" "Is your date going to show up?" David came running down the marble staircase, and dragged her into the great hall.

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Cliff laughed hard at what Hailey was wearing. If he thought her casual look was stupid, her formal look was histerical. Her hair was twisted into a complex series of braids, and curls, wrapped around a bun. He hadn't even noticed when Olivia came up to him. "Are we going in?" She asked. He couldn't stop shaking with laughter. "What's so funny?" She asked, slightly angrier.
"Look at her!" He said between laughing.
"Stop looking at her! I'm your date, not her!! Now let's get going!" Olivia said sourly.
"She would never be my date in a hundred thousand years!" Cliff exclaimed, while walking with Olivia to the great hall.
"Why? She's beautiful!" Olivia said, happy with his previous response.
"She my sister!" Cliff said, "Now let's go before my step-dad or sister see that I'm with you, I want it to be a surprise." That shut her up, and they were able to slip into the great hall un-noticed.

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Andy Holker made his way across the grounds, he had just finished getting ready, and had exited the large ship he was staying in. SO he entered the great hall looking for someone... a specific someone... then he spotted her, dressed in a long, elegant, black and green dress, and her dark hair was tied up in a knot on the back of her head. Amberlynn began walking towads the Great Hall, and Holker followed at a run.

Dan turned around and spotted Emma. 'Emma. You look... horrible.' Dan whinced, he meant that as a joke, but he knew Emma wouldn't realize that. Sarah came down from the dorm room, and DAn grabbed her hand and bolted the commonroom, and sped down the moving staircase, when finally he entered the Great Hall.
'Where is Emma?' Hailey hissed, 'we're waiting for her!'
'What are you wearing?!' Dan asked in awe.

Ricky was finally set free of the hospital, and Carl came back with him.

Petricia was waiting out in the cold, her brother was to be returning today. Suddenly a cold hand pressed its fingers over her mouth...

Dan looked around and noticed that many of the teachers were missing (Ginny, Luna, Neville, Professor Marsh, and Malfoy).

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Emma just stared after Dan in awe. Well if he's going to be that way then I guess I just won't bother with him anymore Emma thought to herself. The truth was Emma didn't really feel like going to the Ball anymore. All the sudden Jake came down into the commonroom. He was straightning his dress robes and looked up as he stepped off the stairs.
"Hey, I thought we meeting in the Entrance Hall"
Without saying a word Emma walked straight by him, running up the stairs and slamming her dormitory door behind her. Jake tried to follow her but he'd forgotten about the stairs. The stairs turned into a slide and he slid down to the bottom and landed in a heap. He stood up and wiped himself off.
"Well Ok. I guess I'll just see you down there then!!" Jake yelled up the now restored stairs. He heard a stifled sob in return. He shrugged and walked out of the portrait hole.

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Andy Dan looked around, he wanted to make Emma even more jealous. He couldn't find her.
"I'll be right back." Dan told Sarah.
Dan ran back to the commonroom, he somehow knew Emma was there.
"EMMA!" He called, "ARE YOU HERE?!"

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Silence....Then Dan heard a faint sound of a door being opened.

"What do you want Dan??" Emma said trying to sound mean, "Shouldn't you be down at the Ball with that Sarah person?"

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Andy "Well... yes..." Dan said quietly.
"yeah, I thought so." Emma said angrily.
"But..." dan began,
"But what?"
"Well... I- I'd rather be with you... and maybe we can get Sarah and Jake together? So then you and me could..."
Emma smiled, and whiped her face, to clear away the tears. "Yeah, maybe..." SHe ran towards him, flung her arms around his neck, and kissed him full on the mouth.


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The champions were supposed to start the ball, but Emma and Dan were missing! Hailey was debating whether or not she should go and find them or not, this was the only thing Emma had been looking forward to in the triwizard tournament...but Hailey didn't think she should intrude, besides, she couldn't walk in the heels her dad made her wear.

Cliff was nervous. He'd been a terrible dancer forever, but for some reason Olivia chose him to be her date to the ball. When Dan left, Cliff gave a sigh of relief, knowing his dancing would be postponed for a little while.

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Andy Petricia was being dragged throught the air... she knew the voice that was talking to her... it was... she couldn't put her finger on it... it was someone she had seen every single day... WHO!!!????

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Emma and Dan broke apart and Emma smiled warmly at Dan. She grabbed his hands and said "Let's go down to the Ball and fix this!!" She dragged him through the portrait hole and down the stairs.

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Andy Dan and Emma walked through the halls and found themselves in the trophy room. They left opened the door, and starred out at the crowd... they were center stage.

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"Who's that girl?" Hailey asked, pointing towards the stage. <>
"Who's that guy?" Cliff asked, continuing along with Hailey's re-enactment. He was a bit sour that he had the girl's part.
"It's Dan!" Magonagall said excitedly. "Oh, and Miss LeHaye!"

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Andy "Umm... yeah... it's us..." Dan said quietly.
"Well... start the music!" McGonagall croaked. Immidiatly the music began. Dan saw Hailey and David shoot together to begin, the same with Holker and ... AMBERLYNN!!??... and Olivia and Cliff.
"I haven't had any practice since the announcement..." Dan mumbled.
"That's fine," Emma smiled. So they began to dance.

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Andy Petricia remembered... she finally figured out who it was... and how to get away.


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Hailey was having a blast! Sure she didn't really like that she had to share the dance floor with Amberlynn...well she didn't particularly like that Amberlynn was invited at all, especially since she should have been with Scorpius, rather than Holker...but, that was just trivial. She was having a little bit of difficulty with the dance steps, since she'd practiced in running shoes, and was now wearing the deadly high heels. When other people finally started to come onto the dance floor, Hailey sighed, glad that she would no longer be the centre of attention-along with the other champions of course- and that she could relax. Though at first she'd been afraid of going, she was really happy that David asked her.

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Cliff was nervous. There is no other way to describe how he felt. Olivia was a perfect dancer, while he...wasn't. He had given in about twenty seconds in, and let her lead him. A question remained without an answer: Why had Olivia picked him? He'd tried to come up with an answer many times, but he could not put his finger on why. Then, when the dance floor became cluttered with other couples, it just sort of slipped out.
"Why did you ask me to the ball?" Once it was out there, he regreted ever thinking it. He would seem as though he were an insecure little boy, rather than the 15 year old he was.
"What a zilly queztion!" Olivia said, her English blending with her French accent. Cliff blushed at her answer. He was in Ravenclaw! He should never ask a stupid question, though he was often told there were no stupid questions... "I wanted to get to know you Cliff! You zeemed zo zmart, and kind, unlike your little zizter. And because you were one of zee only boys who hadn't zwooned over me and my schoolmates!" Cliff had to admit, those were some pretty good reasons, reasons he had overlooked. What he didn't want to admit was that the only reason he hadn't been swooning over the Beaubaton girls was because he was a little pre-occupied with planning his next trip to Hogsmeade with the marauder's map.

Cliff had an idea! The map! He could give it to Hailey for the next task, if she promised to return it to him after. That way, he could be sure she would be safe, and stop fretting over her well being like his mother would.

He'd been so absorbed in thought, that he forgot he was dancing, and didn't notice when the music stopped. "Cliff! Pay attention! Zee music is gone."
"Oh..." Cliff blushed once again. "Sorry!"

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Andy Minerva (I have given up spelling her last name) danced smoothly over to Cliff, with Charlie in her wake (I mean he was dancing with her).

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Andy "Cliff," she whipspered. "Care to visit my office after the ball?"
"Er- yeah sure..."
'Thank you.'

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Andy THe shadow figure had settled with Petricia, though she didn't know where the room was... they were in a room... a dark... horrible room.
'I know who you are!!' Petricia screeched.
'Hey!' The shadow growled. 'Shut up.'
'no... I don't think I will.'
'You'll do as I say.'
'No... Not unless you want everyone to know who you really are.'
'Try me!'
'Ok... Proffesor Marsh.' Petricia let a sly smile over take her face.
But the smile didn't last long... three figures walked out of the darkness.
'RICKY!' Petricia cried. it was Ricky, along with Carl and Ginny. 'Help!'
'No.' Ricky said in a voice that wasn't his... it was too low... and scratchy...
'Three more figures walked out of the darkness behind the first three.
Albus, Scorpius, and Rose.
'Wait...' Petricia looked around... 'no...' Who are you all... I know none of you- excluding Scorpius- would do this...'
'Well... I guess you've been prooved wrong finally... know-it-all.' Shadow-Ricky said.
'STOP!' Petricia yelled. Then suddenly, she fell and a vision sped through her mind.
Harry Potter... hiding a book... fighting proffesor Malfoy... a huge fire...
'Well...' Petricia said quietly 'if I'm right about where we are...' Suddenly, Petricia's thoughts became a reality. A bright light lit up the room, and she was able to look around. 'I was right...' A hole opened up and swallowed her. She landed in her bed.

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Andy A slow moving shadow wrapped around her... she was being taken back.. maybe the hole she imagined should have taken her to the great hall...
'Ricky...' Petricia moaned... then she passed out.

Jonah Marsh-- Voldemort
Ricky-- Yaxly
Amberlynn-- Narcissa
Ginny-- Bellatrix
Scorpius--Lucius ***
Rose-- Barty Crouch Jr.

*** I know he's not dead.. but, maybe Jonah killed him while being possesed, because he was so mad that he betrayed them)

SOOOOOOO! aparently................... I have them all!! ha ha ha !!!!!!!!!!!!!>>

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