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Jan. 26--Ice cream in snow

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message 1: by Jana (last edited Jan 28, 2009 02:58PM) (new)

Jana | 27 comments Mod
This is another issue I want to read. Mike said the Talk of the Town with David Remnick is transcendent. Well, he didn't use that exact word.

message 2: by Marc (new)

Marc | 5 comments Prediction: The next issue of the New Yorker will feature a painting of a rabbit running toward a sunset in honor of John Updike's passing. (I wish I could take credit for this prediction, but Kerri came up with this one.)

message 3: by Jana (new)

Jana | 27 comments Mod
That is so true. I was just thinking about what they'll do to commemmorate Updike. I didn't even know he had lung cancer. He's been writing until fairly recently, no? Now, of course, I'll want to read his stuff. Ugh. How can I escape the human condition?

message 4: by Jana (new)

Jana | 27 comments Mod
I don't think the whole of Talk of the Town with David Remnick is transcendent. It's really how he ends the article, and it's really Obama who makes it great. But Remnick is a good writer. What a surprise for the editor of the best magazine to also be a good writer. Never would'of thunk' it.

message 5: by Jana (new)

Jana | 27 comments Mod
The George Saunders story is pretty good. It's impressive, I think, if someone can make a character a caricature and real and funny and human. It's harder to make the story be funny and poignant at the same time. Just when you were ready to write Al Roosten off....

message 6: by Jana (new)

Jana | 27 comments Mod
Is anyone else out there going to write? I'm getting a little annoyed at this picture of me with a coffee cup. I look like a pompous ass. But I didn't think that (because it was all done in humor anyway) until I saw the picture over and over and over again. Does anyone else look like a pompous ass out there?

message 7: by Jayme (new)

Jayme | 13 comments i finally got around to reading my issues sitting on the coffee table. i thought the piece on booker t. washington was pretty interesting. was the remnick piece the one about obama and lewis? i enjoyed that too. it's hard to remember what piece goes with what issue because often, i read through it online before i get the issue in the mail.

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