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If the majority of Palestinians were Christians, what would Palestine look like today?

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message 1: by Jake (new)

Jake Barlow (seejake) | 1 comments Accepting that Israel would not exist in its current state without the incredible amount of monetary, military, and political support from the United States, I am trying to imagine what the region of Palestine (the regions west of the Jordan River, south of Lebanon, and north of Egypt) would look like in terms of geopolitical boundaries.

This opens a cans of worms, but that is the point.

If Palestinians were predominantly Christian, would they have received equal or greater support and largess from America?

What if Palestine was only 1/3rd Christian?

Would Jewish political influence be as great or as successful in American politics? Would there be as many Jewish political operators in the US government? Would Kissinger have had so much power and influence? Would there ever have been a "Six Day War?"

Perhaps even engaging in this discussion is tantamount to discussing what the world would be like if unicorns were real, because the idea that Palestinians - nay Palestine - could be Christian is quite farcical. But pondering what that region of the Middle East would be like were it not for the US government's massive, unwavering support in capital and goods to Israel is at least more potentially useful than pondering the effect a fancy horse would have on the world. Unicorns could never save the world, but perhaps if the US were to cut off the supply of refined fuel to Israel for a few months, and maybe not sell them so many bombs, some measure of peace might be found.

message 2: by Rosa (new)

Rosa | 1 comments thaNk god coz we r muslims :) we respect all relligioNs... aNd we are proud of being muslims :)

message 3: by Niledaughter (last edited Feb 26, 2011 01:24AM) (new)

Niledaughter Jack , such a tricky question to realize contradictions in measurements !

Do you think that Zionism would not find it easy to reach Palestine in the first place and throw out all these refugees if the majority were Christians? Could this be true ?

The thing I believe in that marketing for the idea that Islam and Terrorism are faces of the same coin serves destroying the Palestinian cause ; like if it is all only about Hamas.

Any way ; Now I only wish that some can listen to your last sentences and think of fair peace.:)

message 4: by Ghada (new)

Ghada Arafat | 8 comments Well interesting topic. But I think my answer will shock u because it is NO. Having Christian majority can not insure more American support to Palestinians and less support to Israel. It will completely depend on the type of government or authority their. If the leadership is welling to give Israel what it wants regardless of its people want, they will be supported, and if the leadership is not welling to give up Palestinian rights they will be treated the same way. The only difference is the way American politicians will publicize and rationalize their policies to their people. And I am very sure they will create a good reason>
Thank u for the topic

message 5: by VivaPalestina (new)

VivaPalestina | 1 comments Agree with Ghada. The West needed a strong foothold in the middle east and Palestine was an ideal and strategic place. Your question reminds me of the Balkans war and how Bosnia suffered the most due to not having strong threshold of support like the Croats and Serbs did. You have to bear in mind that the Palestinian Jews and Christians, as well as the Lebanese Christians did not fare off better, infact they are at best treated as second class citizens.

message 6: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Abdo | 7 comments "Perhaps even engaging in this discussion is tantamount to discussing what the world would be like if unicorns were real, because the idea that Palestinians - nay Palestine - could be Christian is quite farcical."

I'm not sure what is meant here, since there is a sizeable (albeit) minority of Palestinian Christians. Maybe you mean Palestine being majority Christian being like discussing unicorns? Oh well. I agree with your last sentiment for sure. What if we just left them alone. Told them, look, times are tough and we want education and health care for our citizens and don't want to pay for illegal settlements and white phosphorus and all the other war crimes anymore. The last part is wishful thinking (Congress would never let a bad-yet truthful-word be spoken about Israel), but shouldn't we do the first part? Does America not have a responsibility to our citizens?

Back to Palestinian Christians...
I just read this one; it's great and would probably go a long way in discussing Palestinian Christians:
Occupied with Non-violence: A Palestinian Woman Speaks
by Jean Zaru

I've also read Raja Shehadeh's Palestinian Walks and Strangers in the House. He is Christian, but doesn't really discuss it in the way Zaru does and I think Raheb might.

Also Mitri Raheb also wrote a few things I plan to read.

Again, perhaps you weren't saying that Palestinians can't be Christians, but the Christian one is an interesting perspective for sure when you consider that many Americans pledge allegience to Israel mostly based on some twisted premillennial theory propped up by a perversion of scripture (I can say that because I'm Christian and I have studied their "claims" as part of my own journey of faith) that ends up coinciding with Zionism. Why don't Americans support Palestinian Christians in their claim against the Jewish state? That's what I always wonder.

message 7: by Aziz (last edited Feb 10, 2012 02:50AM) (new)

Aziz | 3 comments that would make some changes but let me put it this way , " WHAT IF PALESTINE IS LOCATED IN EUROE?" the answer is, it would have ended up like Bosnia and Herzeg bcoz simply Europe wouldn't stand conflicts in the region ...

message 8: by Natacha (new)

Natacha Pavlov (natachapavlov) | 1 comments Interesting question. I would think it might not make a huge difference seeing as Evangelical Christians in the US would still probably support Zionists. Evangelicals would probably still label the Christians as "Arab," (which they may or may not be) and thus group them together with the Muslim Palestinians because they share the same culture and language (at least one; Arabic obviously).
It's true that there aren't many Palestinian Christians living in Israel, however due to immigration, there are significant populations in the United States and Latin America. :)

message 9: by Timothy (new)

Timothy (timothyniedermann) | 15 comments The US media are finally paying some attention:

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