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What are your favorite genres?
And if you say every kind, there must be SOME kind you don't like.

I like oldies rock/classic rock and SOME modern pop (like katy perry and KT tunstall.)
Oh, and alternative. And since Queen is considered hard rock, I LOVE hard rock.

message 2: by Jorden (new)

Jorden | 3 comments wel myn are soft, hard, and just regular rock and well i guess some metal songs... some are pretty good

message 3: by Anony-miss (new)

Anony-miss a-non-y-miss | 1 comments - Gothic Rock
- Gothic Metal
- Funeral/Doom Metal
- Deathcore Metal (otherwise known as Death Metal)
- Dark Punk
- Emo rock
- Emo metal
- Dance/Techno/Electrona/EBM
- Dark Wave
- Glam Metal/Rock
- Black Metal
- Heavy Metal
- Cello Metal
- "Death Pop" (The Rasmus)
- Indie rock
- Thrash Metal
- Classical
- Grunge
- Post-Grunge

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