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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

Anyone have xbox live and if you do what games do you play?

message 2: by Cali (new)

Cali (calimoritz) No.

message 3: by Cali (new)

Cali (calimoritz) And why are you asking? That has nothing to do with the Akatsuki or Naruto.

message 4: by Kisame (new)

Kisame | 328 comments Mod

message 5: by Kisame (new)

Kisame | 328 comments Mod
I wonder if any of the other 11 members are going to comment soon...

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

idk just wondering?

message 7: by Kisame (new)

Kisame | 328 comments Mod
I'm technology-challenge -.-

message 8: by Cali (new)

Cali (calimoritz) There is a Naruto game for Xbox360 and PS2.

message 9: by [deleted user] (last edited Jan 31, 2009 11:15PM) (new)

and ps3 and wii

message 10: by Cali (new)

Cali (calimoritz) Really? Well Im only buying Shipuden Naruto games because it has the Akatsuki in it.

message 11: by Cali (new)

Cali (calimoritz) Sry Jon, i changed the name of your topic. Is that ok? It can be changed back if u want.

message 12: by [deleted user] (new)

the only Akatsuki characters in the games out now are Kisame and Itachi...I played the shippuden version of ultimate ninja (in Japanese) and it had most of them but its not gonna come out here until they get to that point in the anime in the U.S.

message 13: by Cali (new)

Cali (calimoritz) Yea i know! T_T But we're getting to Shipuden sometime this year, so thats good!

message 14: by Kisame (new)

Kisame | 328 comments Mod
Its about bloody time!

message 15: by Cali (new)

Cali (calimoritz) Why do you alwayse try to sound like a brit?!?!?

message 16: by [deleted user] (new)

I've already seen all of them just in jap with eng sub

message 17: by Kisame (new)

Kisame | 328 comments Mod
>_< because, hopefully i'll be going there this summer. (totally off topic, excuse the comment)

message 18: by Cali (new)

Cali (calimoritz) WHAT!?!?! WHY HAVE YOU NOT TOLD ME THIS!!!!!!! *utter shock*

message 19: by Kisame (new)

Kisame | 328 comments Mod
Um, well... I might not be going for one and it sucks when you have your hopes rialled up then it crashes down.

This has happened to me before so never again will I get my hopes up until I am on the plane.

message 20: by Cali (new)

Cali (calimoritz) Well sry. Plus its kinda hard to get $6,000 in that short amount of time. Just keep hoeing and trying your hardest and things will work out one day.

Waoh! Were tottaly off topic here!

message 21: by Kisame (new)

Kisame | 328 comments Mod
hahaha ...I gave up. But hoeing WAS an experiance.

message 22: by Prima (new)

Prima (ancafeninja) I only have Clash of Ninja 2 since I don't have a Wii to play the CoN Revolution games.

message 23: by Casey (new)

Casey (caseyfogleman) | 179 comments There is this new Naruto game coming out called Akatsuki Rising and it's only for the PSP. It sucks for me because I don't have one.*tear drop*

message 24: by Cali (new)

Cali (calimoritz) Me neither!!! It saddens me.

I only have Naruto Ultimate Ninja 4: Shippuden. It would be a waist for me to buy the ones b4 that. I was waiting 4 all of the Shippuden stuff to come out.

message 25: by Ashley (new)

Ashley Games are gay...Dunces!!! Books are good for you...

message 26: by Cali (new)

Cali (calimoritz) Please do NOT refer to gay as a replacement for stupid. I love books. You have no IDEA how much I love reading. But I also love games too.

message 27: by Casey (new)

Casey (caseyfogleman) | 179 comments HAY!!! I like reading to. But vidoe games are fun.(only some of them though)

message 28: by Casey (new)

Casey (caseyfogleman) | 179 comments Cali wrote: " I was waiting 4 all of the Shippuden stuff to come out."

me 2

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