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About: Coding and decoding.

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Prisma sat down in class.

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Suzy nervously entered the classroom and sat down rather hesitantly beside a pretty girl with blonde hair. The girl faked a smile towards her. Suzy panicked and buried her head into her arms.

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"Hey there," Prisma said to the nervous-looking girl. "What's wrong with you?"

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Suzy could feel herself tense up. She's not talking to me, she's not talking to me. She repeated to herself several times.

She started to shake vibrantly.

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"Dude." Prisma's brows lowered. "What's happening? Do you need to go to the infirmary or something?"

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Suzy glanced up. Oh my gosh! She's talking to me! What did she say. Oh my gosh I can't remember! Suzy panicked.

"N-no. I'm f-f-fine." She stuttered.

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"Are you sure about that? Take a few deep breaths, mmkay?" Prisma was utterly confused by this girl.

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"Y-yeah. O-o-okay. T-thanks." She muttered.

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((Sorry Prisma's so mean :O ))

"Do you have a speaking impairment? Because it sounds like you can't talk."

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What? That's rude, who would ever say that.

"N-n-o. I don't I just forgot to take my chill pills today." She only half joked.

She did have to take pills for her anxiety, but they weren't called chill pills. The only one who called them that was her 6 year old sister, Andi.

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((Don't worry about it.))

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"Er...alright then." Prisma blew some hair out of her face as the teacher announced their assignment.

Today, everyone would be paired with the person sitting next to them. Each team would be given a laptop which they had to figure out the password for, then get into the document library, which was protected by many different codes and other passwords. Once in the document library, the teams had to find a document with blueprints for a hypothetical new technology on it, and then they had to email the blueprints to Phoenix headquarters. Of course, it was all pretend, set up by the Cryptography trainers. The team to finish first would get to leave class early.

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((Still there?))

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(I thought you left!))

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Suzy shuddered. On her left was the wall, and on her right was...

Oh no. She moaned mentally.

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Prisma noticed the girl's expression of distress. "You got a problem with me?" She drummed her long nails on the desk and looked at her.

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((Ooooooo!! Prisma just made Suzi maaaaaaad!))

"Not with you. But with your personality." She shot back at her.

"I mean, you were sweet caring about me and if I was okay, but in a mean way." Suzi could feel anger take over her whole body.

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"I'm mean and my personality sucks. Get used to it." Prisma fired up the laptop. "Let's just figure out the first password.

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"Ugh. Fine." Suzi moaned.

She typed a few things in, and on the 6th try, got it right.

"Okay, your turn."

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Prisma came upon a wall (don't know what to call it) that wouldn't let her get into the computer. She used clues from the screen to enter a password and got rid of the first wall, only to face another. She got so absorbed in the decoding that she forgot that Suzy was waiting for her turn.

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"Excuse me. Share much?" Suzy asked?

Usually she wasn't this straight-forward with anyone.

She didn't even have a boyfriend because of her shyness. She hoped that this would be a new experience. Maybe she'd even find a guy that loved her for who she was, not just for her looks.

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"No, actually. I don't share at all. If you want it just take it." She cracked another code.

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Suzy felt her anger rising. She pushed the girl out of her chair onto the floor and this time it took 3 times until she cracked the code. She didn't even bother to check to see if the girl was okay, she personally didn't even care.

((No offense at all, but that was fun!!))

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((Ohohohoho she's not gonna take this lightly))

Prisma sprung back up and slammed Suzy against the wall, gripping the girl's shoulders. "You're really asking for it!"

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Hanna SwampDonkey | 724 comments Mod
((Prisma's scarey. :0))

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((Yush she is!
Oh look Goodreads is working again))

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((Where r we RPing?))

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((Oh my gosh!! I love Prisma!! Ha ha, take this...))

This is where 6 years of karate become useful. Suzan thought.

She grabbed the girl's (Ugh, keep forgetting Suzy doesn't know her name) arm and twisted it until she could swing her over her shoulder and into the wall.

She smiled at the teacher and waltzed out of the room with a proud smile stretched across her face.

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((This is no longer Cryptography class...))

Prisma snarled. "What was that for?" She chased the girl down and looked her in the eye, fighting the urge to just hit her across the face and ignoring the pain in her back.

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((Where are we now)

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((No, just saying that they're not really doing what they're supposed to anymore :D ))

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((Okay I get it)

Suzy spun around to see the girl she had just slammed into a wall. Honestly? How hurt does she want to get? Suzy thought with a sly grin.

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"What's up with you?" Prisma asked. "First you were all anxious, and then you just snapped and became a maniac. Seriously." She put her hand on her gun just in case the girl advanced again.

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"First of all... I don't plan on hurting you again so don't plan on using the gun. Second... I've been to this school before and I've won 3 gold medals for shooting. They didn't even make to do the shooting classes. So I could take you down." Suzan said with a smirk.

"And I have an anxiety disorder thank you very much. Being around new places and new people at the same time makes me hyperventilate and possibly pass out if I don't have my pills. So back off." Suzan said, whirling around on her heels and heading towards her dorm.

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Prisma stuck her foot out in front of the girl before she could go any further. She snarled, "I am the top gunman in North America. It seems you haven't noticed the Top Gunman in North America plaque in the front hall, with my name engraved into it. You may be good with guns, but I am better and there's proof." Prisma wondered whether Suzy had a plaque as she mouthed Maybe next time and began towards the bathroom.

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Lilabeth was bored so decided to do her favorite thing, she danced in the hall ways! She was dancing and dancing not caring that she had class when she saw Prisma and Suzy fighting. Then she saw Prisma head to the bathroom. She followed.

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Suzy raced after the girl and gave her her best cutsey smile. She stuck her finger towards a plague on the wall her her name engraved on it.

"Eat. You're. Words." She said slowly.

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Lilabeth looked at the girl. What's her problem? She gave her a disgusted look.

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Prisma read the plaque. Top Fighter in North America (I can change that if it's what you want). "I didn't say you didn't have a plaque. I said I did." Prisma took a few strides down the hall and pointed at the plaque, engraved with her title, name and records. She noticed Lilabeth at the end of the hall and gave her an eyebrow raise, but said nothing.

((We should probably take this to the "Front Hall" thread.))

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((Okay, and no that's fine you don't have to change it.))

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Lilabth walked into class in a great mood.

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Prisma walked into class in a bad mood.

((You choose what class is today))

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Lilabeth sat down as the teacher began to talk. Lilabeth wasn't really paying attention. All she heard was getting into pairs and making codes up on paper, then handing it to their partner for them to decode.

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Prisma flipped back and forth through her notebook, watching her big printing fly back and forth. She yawned.

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Lilabeth game over to prisma. "partner?"

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"Yeah sure. You write the code first."

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"Uh, fine." Lilabeth said. She hated coding. She sucked at it.
She grabbed a piece of paper and started scribbling down mixed letters in two different rows. In between the rows she put the number 380 repeatedly until the end on the line. She handed it to Prisma. "have fun."

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((Am I supposed to fine the word in the code?))

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((Naw, just pretend it says something like, we need to train I heard bout a mission or something like tht))

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