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The story starts now(remember ur character and this is where u explain what they look like)

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Jackie Prolix (NightBlood) | 5 comments Mod
This is when it all started. A girl from Kansas moved to Washington. Her name was Jemeana. She was a red headed angel-like beauty with golden red eyes. her hair waved down her back to her knees and swayed with every step she took. Untill one day she met......

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Emmett, A small but strong looking girl. She had flowing brown hair, it looked like melting chocolate and she had glowing green eyes. She was clever and witty. Sarcastic was an understatement and so was plain all because of...

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Massie | 2 comments Sam, a super-powerful girl of 16. She was about 5" 5', and moved around quicker than wind. She had dark brown hair, like Emmett's, but it was much shorter, cut in a bob. Her eyes were a pale orange by day and firey scarlet by night. Sam's power was to change people's attitudes and that was what she did with her cousin Emmett.

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Erin (santamurtagh) | 2 comments Jasper, A small slender and underestimated girl of 5'5 who is a lot stronger then she appears. She has long black hair, and intense brown eyes. Her face is almost always set in an unhappy glare inless she cracks on of her witty comments and makes the whole room laugh. which happens on....

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