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message 1: by Suzanna (new)

Suzanna | 1 comments Mod
I would like to pose a question to the group members:

Looking at the relationships of people in your life who 'got it right', what would you say are the trends you see? Are they more or less egalitarian (who is the more dominant)? Are the financial roles traditional or not? Are the individuals on the same level as far as:
career success

Let me know your thoughts!

message 2: by Cynthia (new)

Cynthia (pinkcats46) | 1 comments My spouse and I have been married for 18 years. Since so many couples around us are getting divorced, we are one of the only real relationships I see, so here goes.

In our relationship, I think I am the dominant one. Why? I tend to be a leader in general, and he's a follower. I'm a type A, he's a type B. Our financial roles are somewhat traditional, as I have just returned to work after staying home with my children for 12 years.

Intelligence: I tend to try to learn all I can about anything I can. He tends to just take things as they come. Not to be insulting, but he has no college degree and doesn't want one. I love school and will graduate college in May.

Sociability: I am very social, have a lot of friends that I keep in touch with regularly. He talks to his friends when they call him, about once or twice a year at best.

Attractiveness: hum. I guess I'm ok looking. He's ok looking...

Career success: I have a successful career and love what I do. I have worked my way up and molded job positions to fit my interests. My hubby has been at the same job for 25 years. He does not like what he does but really can't do anything else at this point.

Yes, we are complete opposites. Does it work? Yes, it does for the most part. It's hard work though. We do agree on child-rearing and general decisions as far as money. We hardly ever argue or fight. Neither one of us really likes to spend extravagently or take long vacations.

So, those are my thoughts. I'd be interested to hear if anyone knows a couple/relationship that are similar where my hubby and I are so different. Does that work as well?

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