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How to teach this to 10th graders?

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amandalee Does anyone have any ideas about how to present this book to tenth grade students? Any activities or lesson ideas to make this complicated text more understandable and intriguing to high schoolers? Thanks.

Lena Seriously, this is on your curriculum? I remember it being pretty risque.

Charles if you have a choice, i wouldnt teach this. i read it for an upper division college course, and no one knew what to make of it, including the professor. your average sixteen year old will be bored by the massive lack of dialogue, and over purple words.

i understand trying to get kids reading people like momaday, and books that are layered in this way, but you have to weigh that by what the kids will actually get out of reading the book in question, and in the case of this book, i cant tell you what that would be.

in my opinion, there is a lot of subtext about maturity, and belonging. the main character is at odds with his life from the reservation, and what is life for the average 'american', you could probably teach it from there, but it's kind of reaching. and if you do that, you'll have to ask if the average sixteen year old will follow you down that road, since the book never exactly comes out and says that's what it's trying to communicate to the audience.

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