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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED!: YA: two brothers, one dies, both are gay, one brother finds other's diary and writes in, graphic gay sex [s]

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Rachel Brand I bought this book for 20p from the library sale when I was 12 and was so disgusted by it that I actually threw it in the bin. But I'd still like to know the title so I can log it along with all the other books I read as a preteen!

I used to own a book with a very similar cover, so I can tell you that it was published by Collins Flamingo around 2002 (but may have been released early in a different cover). It was a fairly thin book and the cover was blue and black and wishy-washy - didn't tell you much about the book.

The blurb explained that there were two teenage boys in a family and the older one died (maybe of AIDS?) and the younger one found his brother's diary and discovered something about him.

From what I remember of the story, the mum planned to burn all of her older son's belongings and the younger brother didn't want her to do this. He finds his brother's diary and begins to read it and wrote a commentary between the lines so that the mum can't burn it as it is technically now his diary. The whole book is written in this weird style - one line from the older brother, one line from the younger brother. The younger brother is gay, and shocked to discover that his older brother is gay too as he'd read that only one son in a family can be gay, or something like that. Young b. learns that old b. had sex with y.b.'s best male friend - it's described quite graphically, and y.b. writes things like "No! You couldn't! How could you?" or something to that affect - and this was after some sort of fancy dress party. There were lines from o.b. like "We fitted together like two pieces in a jigsaw puzzle." In the end the y.b. finishes writing stuff in his brother's diary but is so shocked that he wants to burn it now! His mum tells him that she never planned to burn his books, and says something like "They stopped burning books in Hitler's days."

I also remember a scene where one of the brother's said that he preferred to hang out with the girls, and that another guy (or maybe this was a description of one of the brothers?) was really admired by the girls and he had long hair, smoked and played guitar? And was also gay. I don't know where that fitted in at all. Maybe the girls liked him because he didn't treat them badly?

Anyway, I didn't like this book at all but unfortunately can remember it quite vividly and because of this, would like to know what it was called! Thanks if anyone comes up with any ideas.

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El | 503 comments Rachel, is it Brothers by Ted van Leishout?

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Rachel Brand Yes, it is! Thanks! :)

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