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message 1: by Smarttypants (new)

Smarttypants What I find weird is that I love the book twilight and i seriously enjoyed the movie...I'm a total fan! But what's weird is I like this site lol. It's totally funny!... I guess in a sinister way.

Like I'm not even being sarcastic. but uhhh I don't hate twilight but I'll share what this lady on the bus said when I told her about it

She was all:

"Ughh I hate these books I can't wait to get done with reading this. Who falls in love with a vampire and werewolves? Ughhh and I seriously hate Bella Swan. What's with her?"

Anyone feel the same way as her? and why? =)

message 2: by Jamine Isabel E. Uy, The creative makes-awesome-stuff-for-us one (new)

Jamine Isabel E. Uy (candy-rain) | 3069 comments Mod
Hi Smarty, I'm Candy-Rain but everyone here calls me Rain. I'm in charge of the Propaganda, well I just make wacky stuff for the group in the Candy Corner. ^-^

I'm glad that you have respect towards us even though we have different opinions on twilight.

However, I - and I asure you most of us- find your question rather annoying.

If you are fond of this site like you say, you would have checked the dozens of topics we have in the group.

They contain answers beyond what you have asked for.

We have commented what we hate about twilight and why thousands of times.

Every single newbie in the group continues to ask us these questions and we grow tired of it... severely.

This is a twilight haters group, so of course some of us, or most likely most of us, feel the same way like the lady you're talking about.

As to why?, you can find that answer for yourself.

We get lots of people like you. Most of them came from the twilight lovers group, then they bash us just because we hate twilight. But after showing that we won't budge with our opinion and that we continue to act mature through out the debate, we became friends.

So people like you aren't uncommon in our grounds. So don't worry, it's not weird.

The reasons why I'm telling you this are:

1) we have answered this questions hundreds of times. And the last time a twilight lover asked us questions like these, people in our group ended up getting annoyed as well.

2)If you really like the site, and I am very grateful and happy that you do, you would have read our comments why we hate the book/series.

Take note that I am not mad at you, I am just annoyed. >.<

You are welcome in the group!

So, I just hope that some of the members who find this topic of yours would be patient enough to answer and comment.

message 3: by Chandani , The TAC Prez one (new)

Chandani  (milkduds920) | 1475 comments Mod
Hello Smarty, welcome to the group!
Im Chan-chan, the director of the TAC here on Twilight Haters. I am usually on, but have been busy lately so i apologize to everyone!!
Anywhoot please feel free to look around the TAC and se some of our stories.
The majority of the haters on here are T.I.O.D survivors.
You can read up more on the disease in the TAC.

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