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My Dream Date

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message 1: by Melisa (new)

Melisa (melisa-poley) I know that I would like to come from work or from being out at the store or something and find the hose dim in light with rose petals leading me down the asile/hallway lite by romatic sented candles that go to the bathroom or the bedroom. If it leads to the bathroom it would have candles all around and on the tub with maybe some floating candles in the tub filled with warm relaxing bubble bath with rose petals floating in it. If it leads bedroom I would like to have candles all around and rose petals lead to the bed and on the bed there would be rose petals spead out or in the shape of a big heart with maybe a small box with a piece of jewelry and then have the husband/boyfriend kiss me and slowly take my clothes off and make love to me. (or he could do the bathroom AND bedroom thing.)

I would love to have this done for me, but I don't about all the other ladies out there. But just imagining it makes me want it more and more. I hope that this helps any of the men out there.

message 2: by Paul (new)

Paul (motivational-speaker) | 17 comments Mod
Thanks for sharing!

Scented candles, flowers, atmosphere, and intimacy.

Undoubtedly arousing and lovely.

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